Videoslots RTP scam or not?

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I recently got acquainted with Videoslots casino from the tips of this blog, when I went to the site I was pleasantly surprised by a very cool abundance of slots and also a cool design. output, don’t beat the wager, etc., etc. So I really liked the casino with cashbacks, promotions, achievements, an abundance of software, right now I won’t list all the software, but I’ll say for sure that there is a licensed Playtech, Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft, Play’go and so on and so on. what can I say incredibly cool. So I made a deposit of 50 bucks and started spinning, I started from Playtech slots, the first was Gladiator, poured me a bunch of bonus games but I didn’t guess up to 3 lines in any of them, well, in short, I didn’t lose, I didn’t win as it was 50 so and left. My problem is the RTP that they show. I did lots of calculations and I cannot say it is correct. This is my email them: I actually did not get any explanation to how they calculate the RTP???


It seems to be a reputable casino, but it's hard to understand what's what, there are a lot of strange rules and it's not always clear what to do with bonuses, trophies, tournaments, etc. But the largest collection of machines and the return is honest. By the way, the RTP of each machine was visible before, now I don’t see this function, but nothing seems to have changed.


Terribly unlucky in this casino. Points like the range of software, and in general the approach. races, cashback, achievements .. but it's just tough, for a month I struggled with all kinds of software, twisted at different rates and lines. everything is straight down. such hardship was not observed in any casino. very unlucky turned out. today filled the control deposit. That's it, there are no more videoslots for me, $ 640 cost an acquaintance. it's certainly not a casino, it's just that the stars have developed. well, as a superstitious person to some extent, it’s better to stop there and stop there.


For me, this is like the most indicative casino, in which the convenience and simplicity of design, as well as the availability of all kinds of software along with popular games, makes it one of the top ones. I don’t even have anything to add, everything is there that the player needs, absolutely everything competitors would be left far behind) I won’t describe the games, it was that I raised it from $ 2 to $ 250 and merged everything to zero, this is a game that we pay for to get a portion of adrenaline, and you shouldn’t count on more. constantly racing are held, there is a good cashback, which can not but rejoice, as well as achievements with winnings and free spins.


I didn’t play, I don’t know what to say .. But I DO NOT BELIEVE in such a happy casino for everyone and brightly painted prospects for the won dough. It is very ADVERTISING. And the rating is 8.9 against 8.4 from stargames, well, I don’t believe in such a great casino. Stargames is not a panacea... just by watching many looters and playing, you can see for yourself that Star games is a pretty good casino, worthy of the top.


transparency regarding RTP calculations is crucial for trust in online casinos. It's your right as a player to receive a clear explanation. I hope they respond to your email with a satisfactory explanation.


Videoslots have good RTP) max rtp

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