Why Beast Mode is my worst slot

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Let me just post here my experience with this actually very attractive slot. First of all, I play this slot every day. I am at loss of 1500 times. In 3000 spins I’d do, there would be only 2 bonus rounds. The highest pay out is x55. After 90 minutes of consecutive play, I am in 1000 spins with no profit. Even after 4 hours there have been only 2 bonuses. The slot looks so good with great music and nice features. Normally, I do not use bonus buy because: 1. It did not bring me any winnings 2. The slot has overall very low RTP. I do not think it is fair to say that the RTP of this slot is higher than 85%. If you have a huge bankroll then yes, you can play here. But otherwise, stay away because this slot will break you. Imagine to have only 3 scatters coming up and only every 1 time in many spins.


Listen, it is not just this game. Take, for example, the slots fr om BTG and No Lim it. They always promise so many winnings, like x20,000 but in fact, all you win is x30, if anything.


By the way, I still remember this slot when I played at the Fresh casino. On it I had a large skid of 12,000. I just made a purchase of bonuses and it worked for me.


I'll have to look for this machine at Kat's casino, where I usually play. It seems like an interesting slot - the theme is top, there is also a bonus game.


This is gambling is casinos, you lose or you win. All about luck though.


As a compulsive gambler I think I should be not involved into gambling at all. But, I can tell you that I really stuck with this game Beast Mode as well as you. I like the base game with the promised RTP, and the sound and design are so great. All I could win here is actually just x1100 and that is just after the 6 hours of non stop playing. I do not play for much money anymore. This is my latest win here:


You played 6 hours non stop? How about you try WANNAS. There are promos and a Variety of Slot games that you can choose from

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