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The topic of massive bans on twitch continues. It seems that the wave has already subsided when streamers' casino channels were banned in batches, and they continue to stream calmly, but in reality this is not so. More and more new casino streamers are constantly "under distribution", only promotions on bans and removal of channels have begun to be exclusively targeted. That is, the situation is such that strikes arrive on the channels "pointwise". The algorithm of actions is clear. One streamer is selected and an action to wind up strikes on the channel begins. This is done through special services, on which certain actions can be ordered for money, for example, follow a link, write a message, throw a strike, and so on, which is what some people do to earn their penny. After the number of strikes per channel reaches a "critical mass", Twitch admins begin to closely monitor it. But the strikes at this moment continue to accumulate and here a temporary ban follows, and then when the number of strikes reaches a critical level, a permanent ban follows, and the streamer's channel is deleted.


The question naturally arises. Who is doing this and who is behind all this? There is no need to think for a long time, the one who benefits fr om the one does, that is, the casino streamers themselves. The competition among streaming casinos is great, and this is wh ere the concept "he who has the money is right" comes into play. Not everyone can afford to pay for such services for boosting strikes, likes, viewers and other things - obviously those streamers who are behind all these actions can afford to pay for it. Accordingly, these streamers, getting rid of their competitors on the platform, receive an increase in viewers and an increase in popularity.


I am more than sure that half of the streamers would be happy to get rid of their competitors with the help of strikes, especially for fantocools.


brought up a very interesting topic. Actually, it should be raised by Internet pen gurus. I'm talking about webmasters. But they are lazy.


even the laziest already know what dirty methods the feathery from the rook family uses on an ongoing basis.


How many people, it turns out, make money out of thin air. This once again proves that humanity is a dead end branch of civilization.

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