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So last days I spent around $29000 only on the buy bonus feature with $5 bet. I could win something 3 first spins and then on the 16 others the winning is 0. Of course, you can say it is luck and random but come on, 16 free spins brought nothing. That is not normal in any game. I played in Leo Vegas, played only this game, and there is nothing to get.


So you want to tell us that you got nothing during all these rounds of bonus buy feature? So in 72 spins nothing was there?


Listen to yourself, you spent over $29000 on gambling. Come on, you need a break, and you really need to see where you put your money.


Guys you cannot say it is a fraud only because you do not win in the free spins round. Unfortunately, this game is not balanced at all, so I never saw any free spins straight with winning lines. I can tell you I will never play this game again.


Do not blame the casino for your lack of luck. I play with 30 dollars a day and I managed to raise it to 2,000. So it is really about the luck here.


I play the game a lot and yes you do not win much with the time. You also need to remember the high volatility of the game. I actually scooped the highest win there with only 8 spins. However, 90% of the time, the free spins d not pay out anything. But if you take and see streamers for example, you understand that they play with fake money mostly and have lots of budget to play in high volatility games.


I actually want to sue them as definitely they lie to us about the RTP. Check this link and see what we mean: https://imgur.com/a/eTmi6NA

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