Cheating in all games from Evolution studio

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Absolutely all games are loaded in Evo, that's why they so quickly became the largest provider and bought up other providers, the same netent. And we all see how netent began to play after the purchase of Evo, all the drifts in DOA2 mysteriously disappeared, and the same VItus lowered his fortune into WishMaster. Netent slots have also become completely dead, in general, watch the video and draw your own conclusions


Where can I read this scientific article? Couldn't find it on google. I wonder what the catch is in Live Black Jack. There are suspicions that cards with changing pictures


This pneumatic roulette there has always been a magnet, this is the same as the slot, I once saw it offline when it jammed 1 time 15 fell in a row and then it turned off


I have suspicions that the cards have a chip, and the program reads the next card. there is a bot, and he pulls the card when needed. OT, for example, has noticed more than once when the dealer hands over 20 points to the players, then 1 person draws another card, the player has a bust, and the dealer has 21, or the next hand the dealer wins 100%. I'm talking about FREE BET BLACKJACK and similar games.


FreeBet, tables with one hand are twisted on easy. There, elementary cards are calculated, you yourself write that they take a card for 20)) They give 20 minuses in a row and it doesn’t matter if you get or stop They cut everyone. They give a couple of times win and then zhor. I’ve been poked in chats there already, I’m writing yes you are so people get fucked up.) But how they cheat in cards for many players is also interesting.


There, I think it’s a joke with a video stream, it’s not for nothing that they do the same movements, they stupidly insert the recording of the distribution they need, this is an assumption :)


in monopoly, the bones are recorded, I think)


Yes, everyone has long known that roulette is a scam and not only from Evo, you'd better tell us how other providers give permission to move the slider in the casino panel RTP from 91-96% at any time when casino wants it.)

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