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I want to tell you the true story of my life. Was a normal person. Work, home, family. But everything changed in one day. I worked, earned decently for our province. Bought a car. The plan was to buy an apartment. The work is easy, the pay is great. Supported the whole family. And then disaster struck - my father was dying of a heart attack in my arms. I pumped it out before the ambulance arrived. I don't know exactly how long, maybe 20-30 minutes. He died in my arms. I will never forget his look. He will forever remain in my memory. An ambulance arrived. They said he died. Then everything is like a fog. After this incident, I became not myself. Often had nightmares. Almost did not sleep. And then I accidentally went to the casino website through advertising and registered. I don't know how to explain, but it helped me get a little distracted. And that's where it all started. It didn't matter to me to win. The game itself just calmed me down. Excitement or something else, I don't know. I myself did not notice how I lost the whole stash. I needed to confess to my wife right away, but I couldn't. Got scared, probably. I'm addicted to online games. At first, I took money fr om friends, when I won, I gave it back. Then I got into loans, sold the car to pay off. Did not help. Lenders demanded money. And at that moment I chose the most shameful act in my life - I decided to die. Just walk away and solve all problems in this way. It was difficult for me to admit to those close to me that I was in trouble. And so I woke up in the hospital room after a coma. The attempt failed. After that, I confessed everything to my loved ones. My wife forgave me and stayed with me. Debts began to slowly pay off. Life began to recover. A year has passed, the second has passed without a game. And suddenly my father-in-law, who was like a father to me, dies. And again, in my arms. I'm lucky, I guess. And again, in a new way - casino games, drinking. My wife left me, left me. I decided to be treated. He recovered, started working in a taxi, as he was laid off from his main job. And now I have not played for three years. But has had no luck so far. The other day I got into an accident on a company car (fell asleep at the wheel). Since he worked for more than a day. The main thing is alive, but crippled decently. Plus, the fleet put up an invoice for repairs of 20 thousand. Wh ere to get such money? They sued me, took out a loan for my mother, as banks simply do not give me a loan due to bankruptcy. I gave the money; I'm lying crippled alone and it's a pity to look at myself. I foolishly lost everything I had. Therefore, I am writing my confession so that other gambling addicts understand that this is a disease. Heal, do not delay, do not lie to yourself that you can recoup. It's impossible, trust me. It's only when you're on the edge that you realize you should have ended earlier. I went through a long course of rehabilitation with psychologists who will not be able to help you if you yourself do not realize that you can end this terrible and terrible habit. I am practically in poverty. The last 300 dollars in your pocket. But I'm happy. I realized that happiness is not in money. And to realize that you were able to stop on the very edge of the abyss, this is just important. For two years I have been striving to return my family, work, restore everything that was before. And I believe I can do it.


Despite all the mistakes made and the problems created, you have something to praise for. Firstly, you realize what you have done, secondly, you are trying to correct what you have done, and thirdly, you feel a sincere sense of shame and do not try to shift the blame on someone, to substitute. Indeed, many, having done this, try to get out of the situation by using close people who trusted them unconditionally, then set them up and rejoice that everything got away with it safely, and what will happen to others does not concern them. Therefore, I wish you to quickly find a good income, get rid of debts, and finally from addiction! May luck smile upon you.


When you again have the opportunity to earn a decent amount of money, you will again take up the old. Since you fell asleep at the wheel, you must have been playing some online games all night.


The most important thing that I understood in gambling addiction from my own experience under any pretext is not to try to win back and win, and there is no need to create the illusion that I will win back and pay off debts, thinking about this everything will be lost, you must be prepared that debts will not be quickly paid off, that the main thing is that they are slowly will decrease and gradually decrease.

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