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Thoughts that the casino does not give, appears after a series of unsuccessful sessions. I start to compare in my head with other casinos, where from the first or second deposit there was a skid and a withdrawal of money. There was everything and putty, then excuse. But I think many judge casinos by their first deposits, eat and stop playing, registering in other establishments. I have been playing in online casinos for several years and I am not 100% sure that casinos do not increase returns. I really hope that this is not the case in top casinos. Yes licenses and the existence of RTP. But I'm still skeptical. Most importantly, I play in trusted casinos, there are conclusions and losses. If the casino minus deposits in a row, breaks my head and stops playing there for an indefinite time out of anger. The very first thing you need to understand is that there will be no easy money on a permanent basis in the casino. Nobody wins more often. Losses will prevail over cashouts.


If there was no element of probability (lucky or unfortunate), then the casino would not be played. The situation is thumb-sucked and can confuse newbies. There is no systematic game in slots - you can only rely on luck.


In fact, nonsense has always amused me when people complain in chats, saying that the casino does not give and so on. At the same time, they themselves flood constantly and blame someone else at the same time))) In general, a casino is entertainment, not a way to earn money. No need to look for easy money here. Winning is a nice addition to the gameplay, and there will always be losses.


For any casino will never work in the red! Previously, of course, the bonus policy was more interesting, especially no-deposit freebies) But recently, for a number of reasons, and especially problems with payment systems, it seems to me that all casinos, except for the top ones, have lowered their income and some even closed altogether. Not to mention the providers, some of which have remained stand still while others try to release slots of better quality. and even increasing the purchased bonuses!


what I was looking for and what has been happening to me lately for just six months, I can’t win anything anywhere or raise my balance more than 10K, although in other months everything was different almost from each deposit of 30k)


The casino will always be in the black, unlike us! and so I think it's just luck, either pan or profak! uh, gambling is worse than alcohol, etc. etc., but this does not prevent you from getting involved or winning! If you take all the casinos, then I’m not in a normal plus, not in a hellish kazik, not in the red!


Since the casino is not a means of earning money, but a time for pleasure and entertainment, therefore, at a distance in the game, the player will always be in the red, when playing in a casino, you should always know that when you win two or three times the deposit, you need to turn on your head and brake, withdraw the amount of the winnings so as not to tinker back into the machines.


Because the process of the game is controlled by a slot machine, in which a program is written, in which the owner of the machines obviously should not remain in the red. And if the online casino is illegal and not regulated by the laws of the Russian Federation, then even if you are lucky and win, then this money will most likely not be returned to you. Often the program is written in such a way that at the beginning of the game the machine lets you win in order to warm up your interest in the game. If you constantly lose, you will not be interested in playing. People come to the casino for emotions, positive or negative. And then the machine will slowly begin to take the money you won. But it will be too late for you, in a fit of excitement and thirst to get either the JACKPOT or "right now, he will give me", you will throw more and more money, so the machine will take all your funds.


The main thing to understand is that a gambling establishment is for entertainment, and not for making money.


t's natural to question the fairness of online casinos, licensed and reputable establishments are generally regulated and audited to ensure fairness and transparency. Choosing licensed and regulated online casinos can help ensure fairness and accountability. Licensing authorities impose strict rules to protect players.


Casinos have a built-in advantage called the "house edge" to ensure they make a profit over time. This is why they don't always pay out more than they take in from players. Casinos are businesses designed to generate revenue while providing entertainment.


Casinos have a built-in advantage called the house edge, making them profitable in the long run. This means that while players can win in the short term, over time, the casino is expected to make a profit. It's the nature of how casinos operate.


It's better never to play in a casino.

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