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Slots with 8 reels

Greetings from the enigmatic world of 8-reel slots! It's unlikely that you'll find many games in this category. They are far less prevalent than other, larger slots, including their 7 and 9 reel relatives.

Consider them the unicorns of the casino scene; they are present but concealed, darting evasively throughout the forest. They may turn up with a little luck and digging, but it will require a thorough search to locate many that you can play. We will cover everything you need to know about these mysterious games in this tutorial, along with several gameplay examples.

The adage "the more, the merrier" is one we frequently encounter. However, there might be restrictions on slot machine creation, which is why 8-reel slots are uncommon. While we're talking about it, there aren't many games with 4 or 6 reels either. In general, it's hard to find slots with an even number.

The experience is a much better teacher than the theory, which has its place. While pointing you in the direction of some engaging examples to try, we will do our best to provide you with all the information you will require. You will be an expert at 8 reel slots by the conclusion of this book, prepared to go out and tame this wild beast of a game.

How to operate 8 reel slots

You should always study the rules and the paytable before starting a new game so that you are familiar with how everything operates. Like any slot machine, luck is the key to success, but you should still be aware of what is going on. You will enjoy the game more and get more out of it that way.

It's time to test your luck once you understand the rules of the game like the back of your hand! Hit the spin button after selecting the coin size. Why not test out your personal betting strategy on the larger 8 reel slots if you already use them on 3 and 5 reel slots? It is much better if free play is offered because you can spin without putting your money at jeopardy.

With 8 reel slots, there is no secret to winning. There is just a lot more spinning in these games of chance, just like in any other game. The amazing thing is that just because there are more reels doesn't mean it's more difficult to produce winning combos.

Similar to other slots, these bigger ones have been programmed with a return to player rating. Therefore, the likelihood of winning is the same as it would be in any game with the same payoff amount. To see how frequently the game could theoretically pay out, check the RTP rating on the pay table or through study. Always remember that the RTP rating is determined over a considerable amount of time.

Why are 8 reel slots great?

Most slot machine types have three or five reels. The vast majority of games are released in one of these grid configurations since this number has been shown to be the ideal balance for both players and creators. And it has been successful. This layout has led to thousands of unique combinations.

There are an infinite amount of options when you take into account the variety of themes available. Why then do we need eight reels? There isn't a specific explanation, other than the fact that it opens up additional choices. Pay lines and symbol combinations can be adjusted, as well. Players have more options, and it allows developers more creative outlets.

People adore novelty and enjoying something fresh. It can be startling the first time you encounter an 8-reel slot machine. What's going on? It appears to be overly wide; there are too many reels and symbols.

When you pair this strange game mechanic with an uncommon theme, the result is a totally original design. Of course, games require more than a gimmick to be popular. Long-term success of a slot depends on the remaining elements performing well once the novelty of the new has worn off.

Consider the length of time that slots only had three reels. They initially appeared in that manner, and it persisted for a considerable amount of time. It's likely that many people laughed at the concept of making them five reels instead of four. Why did it matter?

We all know how well-liked five-reel slots have become since then. These days, they are totally mainstream. Maybe 8 reels will become standard in the not too distant future as well? Let's look at some of the choices in this category for the time being.

Great 8-reel slot machine examples

The big 8 reel slot machine can be hard to find, so here are three you can try out right away. They are all distinct from one another in terms of concept, gameplay, and appearance, which is wonderful since it demonstrates how versatile this setup is. Always have an open mind since you never know where your next favorite game might be found.

Send your favorite developer an email to let them know you like this design if you do. Who knows if they receive enough favorable feedback? They might be convinced to pay more attention to this category.

Jars of Jam

Jammin' Jars is an eccentric game that successfully fits in a genre it invented all by itself. It has eight rows in addition to eight reels that spin to a groovy disco beat. The creative developer behind this one-off fruity assault around the dance floor is Push Gaming.

Although it is unclear if they will continue to use this format, they are an inventive organization, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with next. The majority of Push Gaming's most recent titles use the 45 and 55 formats, but none are quite like Jammin' Jars.

Even the process for creating winning combinations has changed drastically. The standard pay line with 3-5 of a kind is no longer present. The cascading win feature in Jammin' Jars is activated when five or more identical symbols land side by side, horizontally or vertically.

These symbols then explode, disappear, and are replaced by fresh ones that fall into the open spaces. It is reminiscent to the Candy Crush mobile game and is effective at creating successive winners. What more could you want for from an 8 reel slot than its free spins, multipliers, and catchy music?


If 8 reels aren't enough, how about adding 100 free spins on top of that? No, there was no typo there! For 60 free spins, land 8 scatters on the game's reels. After that, land 7 more for a second round of 40 spins. That will give you enough energy to last deep into the night, when the wolf rules supreme. The scenario is set with emblems from the medieval era, like swords, necklaces, castles, princesses, and of course, wolves.

The software provider behind this unique slot is 2 By 2 Gaming. They have created a number of fantasy/medieval games, but none compare to Wolfheart. Not everyone will enjoy it, but it is worth a try to see how the game mechanic works.

The key to large wins in this game is free spins, so if you are fortunate enough to get them, you won't even think about the ferocious wolf! The game has a nice appearance and provides lots of features and surprises, such stacked wilds. Utilize each of these effective components to create your own fairy tale experience.

Final words

So there you have it—a quick tour of the underpopulated category known as 8 reel slots. As you can see, there is lots of potential for creativity and fresh concepts to develop. It's unclear if that will actually occur, but we have faith in the modern developers' capacity for innovation. Everything is conceivable!

You might discover that 8 reels aren't really your thing. That's good, but while you're feeling adventurous, why not switch to a 7-reel slot machine? Reactoonz, Gemix, and Giovanni's Gems are a few intriguing instances of this kind.