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100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins

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100% up to 150 CAD + 100 Free Spins

Take a bonus

Online casino bonus

Today we will tell you about what a bonus is and how to get it. A casino bonus is either the equivalent of cash, or the ability to perform certain actions in a game for real money for free. All casinos have their own bonus program, which allows them to attract new players and sometimes please old ones. But not everything is as rosy as it seems at first glance, in order to fully realize the benefits of bonuses, it is necessary to fulfil a number of casino conditions, and as practice shows, sometimes these conditions are so difficult to fulfil that they negate all the benefits from using bonuses. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly study the conditions so that later you do not regret that you were chasing a mythical benefit, which ultimately turned out to be a trap for your deposit.

How to choose the right casino bonus?

Among the huge variety of bonus programs, it is sometimes difficult for players to make a choice. To do this, we will tell you what features you will need to pay attention to.

First: this is the size of the bonus. This of course applies mainly to welcome bonuses. The larger the bonus, the better it seems at first glance, but do not rush to rejoice. It all depends on the conditions, if in one casino there is a bonus of 100 CAD, and in the second 1000 CAD, and at the same time the maximum bet in both casinos is 5 CAD, then it is obvious that in order to clear the wager and withdraw the winnings, it would be better for you to choose a smaller bonus.

Secondly: this is the time period in which you can use the bonus. For example, you were given a bonus of 100 CAD with a maximum bet of 5 CAD, in order to wager this bonus you will need to make 20 bets, and if the bonus is 1000 CAD, then the number of bets increases to 200, agree that wagering 200 bets in three days if you play a few minutes a day will be very problematic. There are bonuses in some casinos that are always valid, but this is rather an exception to the rule.

Thirdly: you need to clearly understand what games you will play, because bonuses do not work on all casino games. An example is free spins, casinos provide free spins on certain types of slots (which often have a lower RTP). If you like live table games, then again you need to pay attention to whether the bonus applies to this type of game.

Fourth: this is the minimum amount of replenishment of your deposit to receive a bonus. Sometimes it happens that in order to receive a deposit bonus, you need to make a deposit of at least a certain amount.

Fifth, do you need a deposit at all, since there are many no deposit bonuses, the only problem is that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings until you clear the wager.

From the fifth follows the sixth is the size of the wager, the larger the wager, the more difficult it will be to withdraw your bonus.

And finally, the seventh point is the level of trust in the casino, you must be sure that the casino will fulfill its obligations. Our advice is to choose the casinos that are on our list, you can be sure that your bonus will be given to you.

What is a wager?

A wager is a coefficient indicating how many times the total amount of bets must exceed the size of the bonus in order for you to be able to withdraw your winnings. For clarity, let's give an example: a player replenished his deposit by 1000 CAD and received a 100% bonus on his deposit with a x40 wager. Now, in order to complete wagering, the player needs to place bets on 1000x40=40000 CAD. As soon as such an amount is scrolled, the balance of the bonus will be transferred to the main account, and the money will become available for withdrawal.

How to clear the wager?

To win back the wager, you need to carefully read the terms of the bonus, failure to fulfil one of the conditions will lead to the fact that you will not withdraw the bonus. The optimal wagering strategy is to play slots with the highest possible RTP over 95% and use such a bet size so that the deposit is enough for 200 spins. With this strategy, you have a high chance to quickly win back the wager and withdraw the winnings.

How to get a casino bonus?

In order to receive a bonus at the casino, you must register and make a deposit (except for no deposit bonuses). After you make a deposit, the casino will automatically add a bonus to your deposit. Some casinos still ask you to enter a promo code. You can see promo codes in our list of casinos, which is given above. If a promotional code is required to receive a bonus, then we will enter it in the column opposite the name of the casino, so do not worry that you will not understand.


Yes, you can refuse the bonus in several ways, depending on the casino. Option 1: Cancel the bonus when making a deposit by clicking on the cancel bonus button. Option 2: do not enter the promo code to receive the bonus. Option 3: before you start playing, write to the support service and ask them to disconnect you from the bonus program.

No. In order to make a withdrawal, you must play the wager.

Yes, you can only withdraw the money that you deposited. You cannot withdraw the bonus.

It all depends on the rules of the casino, the conditions are different everywhere.

Usually it is 14 days, but you need to carefully read the conditions.

There are no such requirements. You can use any payment system.