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If you are looking for reliable casino information from Canadian players like you, then you are in the right place. The real rating of the casino, compiled by the players, here you will not see the maximum scores, since we do not moderate the reviews. Read, write, choose here. 

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Casinos Reviews

We all know that choosing a casino is sometimes a rather difficult decision. There are a huge number of casinos on the market, and they all claim to have the best conditions, the fastest withdrawals and the most customer-oriented support. But agree that this is not always the case. To do this, we have created this section where, in addition to our impartial and highly informative reviews, you can also read the opinions of other players.

How do we write our reviews?

In order for you to receive reliable and up-to-date information about the casino, we ourselves register in this casino, play, withdraw winnings, that is, we go through the entire path of an ordinary player. This approach allows you to evaluate online casinos as objectively as possible and identify all the pitfalls.

Casino review criteria

In order to give a comprehensive and high-quality assessment of a casino, we use certain criteria in our work, such as reliability, a list of providers, support work, and many others. The list is more than extensive, so we will dwell on each aspect in more detail below.

Legality, or the presence of a license

The fact that the casino has a license tells us that this casino legally operates and, most importantly, that all the games in it are by no means rigged. Playing in a licensed casino, you can be sure that there is no fraud on the part of the casino or the provider.

Security and Safety

The second most important condition is the security of your data that you enter on the casino website. If the site does not have an SSL encryption certificate, then your data, namely the card number, email address, name, login, and password can be stolen by crooks. Therefore, if there is no symbol with a CLOSED lock in the address bar of the browser, then you should immediately leave this site, as your data that you leave there can be compromised. Therefore, we do not even consider casinos that do not have this certificate.

Withdrawal speed

The biggest pain of many players. Thousands of stories are connected with the impossibility of inference, and one is more tearful than the other. Withdrawal speed means the time during which the casino will transfer your winnings to you after you leave a request for withdrawal, subject to verification. A lot depends on which payment system you use. Here it is necessary to distinguish between what exactly is included in the casino's area of ​​responsibility regarding the withdrawal, and what is not. Only the speed of processing your application depends on the casino. Let's analyse the situation for clarity. You submitted a request for withdrawal of funds from your Skrill deposit at 15:00 on Monday and received money at 16:00 on Tuesday. This means that the withdrawal took one day, that is, the application most likely hung for a day, and then the casino worked it out and sent you the money, the Skrill transferred the money from the casino account to yours in one hour.

We always test all possible methods of depositing and withdrawing deposits ourselves in order to provide you with a complete picture.


Another problematic issue for many players is the issue of verification. Although players often neglect the rules of the casino themselves, and our recommendations on the fact that verification must be completed ahead of time, and not when you urgently need to withdraw your money. When we write our review, we go through the verification procedure, as all players do. And if there are problems with verification, we will definitely take this into account and tell it in our reviews. Therefore, read our reviews and player reviews carefully.

Customer Support 

Sometimes there are situations when you can’t figure it out yourself, and you have to contact support. We will not hide that the support service in the casino is not good or excellent. The support service has only two characteristics: speed of reaction and adequate behavior. You can leave customer focus, friendliness and other qualities for Amazon services, this will never happen in a casino. If you come across a casino support employee who understands what is being asked of him and does it quickly, then such a blatant precedent will instantly take the entire industry to a new level, perhaps our grandchildren will catch such times. Therefore, when writing our reviews, we test the strength of the nerves and the quickness of the support to the maximum, so that you know in which casino the support works slowly and in which it is inadequate.

Number of available games and list of providers

We move from painful topics to pleasant ones. Since everyone has different tastes, we try to take into account the widest possible range of gaming preferences in our reviews, so in each review we talk about which providers are represented, whether there are progressive jackpots and whether it is possible to play live casino.

Bonus program and loyalty system

No casino review is complete without looking at casino bonuses. We all know that the biggest motivation for players is the bonus. So that you can be sure that you will receive your bonus, while writing a review, we register and receive all the bonuses that the casino can offer.

Players’ opinions

An integral part of making an opinion about a casino is the opportunity to get acquainted not only with a professional expert assessment, but also with player reviews. We don’t moderate reviews on purpose so that they don’t lose their emotional colouring, agree that if a person put two stars and wrote that the casino is a complete dump, he would not want to see his post in an hour as: “I didn’t like this casino.” It is precisely because we are not affiliated with any casino that you will not see the maximum rating for any casino, because all casinos are bad in their own way.

Write your review

And of course, the main function of this section, in addition to education, is the opportunity for each player to leave a review, praise, contribute to the rating of the casino, report violations, and, of course, express their hatred for a particular casino. We hasten to note that absolutely all casinos have representatives who answer questions from our users in this section. Want to say that the girl from the support service has a sexy voice - please! Let everyone know that Jim is from support and is the damn slowpoke – No problem! To admire the mediocrity of casino managers is as easy as shelling pears, they will even read your “ode” at the same time.

Here you can be absolutely free in expressions. The only rule is that you must be logged in to leave a review. Your comments and ratings will be visible to other players, which can save them from your misadventures.

Write comments, rate, share opinions and read our reviews. We have combined the experience of thousands of players so that you can always get reliable first-hand information.


There is no moderation in terms of ratings. Honesty and transparency is our main principle.

Yes, they will. Casino representatives regularly visit our site, so it is a source of feedback for them.

Yes, they are safe, have the appropriate certificates and licenses. But you should not have any illusions about the decency of the casino, and the effectiveness of its work. Just so that you can make the right choice, there is that section. Read the reviews of other players, pay attention to the real withdrawal speed and rating, and everything will be fine for you.

No. You need to be registered with us.

No, there are not, because if the casino has at least one slot or the game that is rigged, the casino will lose its license.

Oh sure. This is actually welcomed here since casino representatives will definitely read it, apologize to you, and the guilty one will be publicly flogged in Nathan Phillips Square (but this is not certain).