Online Gambling for Canadian Players

If you think about this topic honestly, then there is nothing good in online games for money. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about online games or playing in some land-based Casino in, for example, Toronto. Playing for money can lead to catastrophic consequences. You can lose all your savings, ruin relationships with loved ones, you can lose friends, lose your family, lose your home, become completely antisocial.
If this happens, it is not in an instant process. It is rather a gradual process from half a year to three years. Any game for money is a gradual degradation of a reasonable person to the level of an “animal”, who has nothing in his/her head except the thirst to get a bonus in some slot or to guess the number on roulette three times in a row.
If you have not gambled up to this point, you better leave our site and never think about casino games.

Are there any benefits to gambling?

Many will say that sometimes you can relax after work and spend time and do not risk significant amounts, and it really can be so.
But there is a great danger that you can lose control and your way of relaxing will turn into an addiction. In the gambling industry there is such notion as TILT (temporary loss of control).
Sooner or later, it comes to all players, and at the moment of tilt, you can lose three of your salaries or savings that you set aside to buy real estate.

Canadian players often win millions in jackpots, can I be lucky too?

jackpots winnings

The odds of winning the Mega Moloh jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350. The average probability of winning in other slots with a large jackpot is about the same. This means that it is not possible to win the jackpot.

I want to win big and stop, I've seen videos of people winning.

All players, when they scoop a big win in slot machines or other games of chance, lose much more. After a big win, you always want to repeat the success. Gambling addiction usually appears after big wins. If people only lost in gambling, then no one would play and there would be no problems.

What is the purpose of your site?

Our site was created primarily to protect the interests of the players. Our mission is to create convenient services for players to use.
The task of our services is primarily to protect players from cheating online casinos and protect the interests of players in a disputable situation.
We produce not only entertainment content for our users, but also educate, tell the truth about gambling, and sites providing gambling services.

How are you different from other gambling sites?

Our main difference

Almost all sites that advertise online casinos have inflated ratings and cheating reviews, and if it is possible to write a review about a casino, then a bad or truthful review will most likely be deleted.
Look at other sites, read the inflated casino ratings, these sites have a rating of 9 to 10 or all 10 out of 10. If not all online casinos have the maximum rating, then the first 10 sites.

It's impossible! Why?

On average, 80 percent of casino reviews are bad because people in the casino lose money. So where are these testimonials from real people on other sites? There is none of them to read.
On our site, we do not edit or delete player reviews, they are real.
Moreover, if the casino works honestly, pays players quickly and does not deceive them for money, as well as has the best bonus offers, then most of the reviews about the casino will be bad, because after losing money people are angry not only at themselves, but also at the casino.
On our site, all ratings of sites that provide games for money are compiled by players, so all participants in the rating have a relatively low rating relative to the purely theoretically possible maximum rating.
As for information about gambling, on our site you will not find content that would provoke gambling, which would be praised by online casinos. We would not call playing in a casino profitable or useful, so we do not write about magic schemes for beating online casinos or mistakes in gaming machines that allow you to win money by gaining an advantage by some kind of fraud, because this is not possible.
It is not possible to play any game of chance and win in the long run. It is not possible to cheat the casino or have a mathematical advantage over the casino.

Can an online casino cheat to win?

Yes, it can, and this often happens, because in Canada, compared to the UK, there is no separate governmental body that controls the online casino that accepts Canadian players. The state does not control the honesty of sites that provide games for money. And in a situation where, for example, the casino has decided not to pay you the winnings, you will not be able to contact the Police or sue.
An online casino, if desired, can always find a reason not to pay the player. If you find yourself in a similar situation, most likely we can help you. One of our player services is a blacklist.

Our services for players:

Casino blacklist:

Blacklisted online casinos

If an online casino delays or does not pay you your winnings, you can add the casino to the casino blacklist by filing a complaint against the online casino. After you write a complaint and explain your situation, we add the casino to the blacklist and contact the casino representatives and explain that until the problem is resolved, the casino will remain on the blacklist.
Most of the online casinos in this turn of events agree to pay the player the winnings. After the casino pays out the winnings, we remove the casino from the blacklist.
Why should a casino pay after being blacklisted?
It is not profitable for the casino to be on the blacklist, since many players read reviews before playing, it is more profitable for them to pay for the winnings than to lose future customers due to constant losses.
Also, if you see a profitable bonus offer from an online casino, you can check the casino if it is on the blacklist and decide whether to play in the casino or not.

Trusted Casinos

trusted casinos online

Do you want to be completely protected from showdowns with the casino?
We have compiled a list of reliable casinos for Canadian players for which we are responsible. The meaning of our service is that if any casino from this list deceives you into winning, then we will fully compensate you for your losses.
We compensate you not for your deposit, but for the amount of winnings that you can lose if the casino turns out to be dishonest.
This is a truly unique service; you will not find such service anywhere. We do not just declare that these are the most reliable casinos, we are fully responsible for these sites. The service is provided for Canadian players and for citizens of other countries.

Casino Reviews

Casino reviews

There are more than 200 casinos in our list. You can write any review on any casino and see the rating. You can also ask any question about each casino and get an answer either from us or from the official representative of the casino directly on our website.
Before playing, you can read the reviews of other players from our community and decide whether you want to play in this casino. We also constantly check and identify reviews and ratings written by persons affiliated with the casino and delete them. You can be completely sure that all reviews are written by real people.
And all casinos have a real rating, and all ratings are made by players who have dealt with a particular casino. This service is not only a rating with reviews, but also a connection between the player and the casino. On the review page of any casino, you can ask any question about this casino and get an answer either from an official representative, or from us, or from another user of the site.


community of players

We have created services for communication between players. You have the opportunity to chat about any topic related to gambling, lay out a big win, create your own player diary, discuss sports betting, ask any question about games and get an answer, read the archive of casino complaints with interesting details and just chat on any topic in off-topics. We have the largest and best English-speaking community on the internet, join us! It's fun with us!

Free Slots

free slots online

You can play your favourite slots for free on our website an unlimited number of times for as long as you like. All popular slots among Canadian players are in this section. If you are looking for a specific slot, just type in the name in the search box and start playing for free. You can also write a review of any slot on our site and get comments from other players, rate it, see big wins and upload a screenshot of your big win for other members of our community to see.
If you are looking for new slots to play, there is a review for each game from our website, the service also has a convenient search with various parameters, from the type of slot to its manufacturer.

Casino games

casinoincanada games

In addition to slot machines, you can read reviews of all the games available in the casino. These are various types of Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps and much more. We have all the popular providers. You can choose the game and your favourite provider and play for free.


Casino bonuses online

Online casinos provide various bonus offers to attract and retain players. In this section, you can find the most suitable bonus offers for you. A large selection of bonuses is conveniently divided into categories and will make your search easier. However, you should not forget that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and you should not forget to carefully read the terms and conditions for this service before using the bonus.

Land-Based Casinos In Canada

Land based casinos

Are you planning to fly to Canada to play at the casino? Or you tired of playing online and want to visit a land-based casino and play your favourite games? Detailed reviews of all land-based casinos in Canada with all the necessary information are available on our website.
Before a trip or a visit to the Casino, you can choose the casino you need. We have created a very convenient search for land-based casinos. Just select the area and the city and get a list of casinos. You can read reviews, ask a representative of the establishment, study all the information, from the number of games, the convenience of the hotel to the nearest airport, all possible promotions, you can write a review yourself after the trip and get feedback from the casino.


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Here we publish our investigations, bring all the truth about online casinos, find out the schemes of cheating players by major players in the market.
Major online casinos can cheat too. If this becomes known to our team, we conduct a thorough investigation and publish it for our community. We identify dishonest services and sites for players, streamers who deceive their subscribers. You should definitely subscribe to this section.


important casino guides

The most complete and detailed Gambling Guides, we have created dozens of articles and videos to help save you money and nerves. We have collected all the information that every player is required to own, so this section is simply must-see. If you still have questions, you have the opportunity to ask a question in the comments and get an answer from a member of our team.

Big wins

Here you can find daily roundups of big wins by streamers and members of our community in video format. When viewing this section of our site, remember that you lose more than you win, and this rule applies always and with everyone.


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