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Let’s talk today about the streamers and how they earn their money with streams. Would love to hear your opinion as well. The harder the earthly gaming halls were blocked, the more people switched to online casinos and looked for a replacement for live communication. A few years ago, casino streams took a leading position in terms of views among players, especially since the RKN made a lot of efforts to block gambling forum sites. Gambling people often watch new games, interesting bonuses, get charged with the emotions of a streamer - feed their passion. Thousands of people watch streamers' games online. They are attracted by the atmosphere of excitement, big stakes, big drifts and chat conversations. A successful casino streamer doesn't have to worry about the morality of dragging people into the casino. The fact that the money he earned is someone's ruined destinies should be severely ignored or excused - "it's not because of me", "if it weren't for me, then another stream", "he himself is a sheep", "a pig is always a swamp finds”, “I didn’t pull his hand”, “I didn’t force him to take a loan from an MFI”, etc. For the viewer, stream casino is entertainment when there is no money to play on your own. Some people like to watch how their favorite slots are tinkered with maxbets and console themselves with the thought that the millions poured into them can become a win for their own small deposit tomorrow. Others are interested in fantasizing and imagining themselves in the place of the high roller who leads the stream. Still others are waiting for a handout in the form of a drawing of several dollars among viewers, which are sometimes held live. At the beginning, the casino offers to stream towards future profits from the affiliate program. Makes a small accrual of $1000. If the streamer can spend this money and attract enough solvent new players to cover the advance and earn some money, then the casino will definitely not be left behind. Further, the limits will increase and the conditions will become more loyal. Another way to serve streamers is to create fake game servers. The casino connects the streamer's account not to licensed games, but to scripted copies. You can easily set up a high return in them, but the main thing is that there are no royalties. Important point! If an online casino is not represented by large fantocools on youtube or twich, then we can assume that this casino does not have a home pirate server with fake slots from world providers. We do not consider videos from Volcanoes with huge winnings, because such casinos are local scripts in which the manager can set the return to 1000% and the frequency of bonus games 1 time in 10 hits.


I do not watch streamers and do not advise you. As for me, they are all on the payroll of the casino. Their opinion cannot be considered objective. I would rather trust those sites that I checked myself. Moreover, today you can go to the site and try out video slots without registration. And these guys, I don’t want to offend them, just twist other people’s money, for this they receive donations and a salary from the casino. I did not see that they reasonably showed schemes, methods and other points on earnings.


Well, I don't agree. At least a good streamer makes a show. You look not at how he wins, but what emotions he gets. For example, you watched a movie about a casino or something like that. You understand that they are not winning real money and you still watch the story. Also here, live. Of course, if the streamer directly entices you to earn money at the casino, then this is an obvious swindle. No project will pay for this, because then a huge amount of dirt is thrown at them. And what diagrams will he show? For which they will be banned? 2022 in the yard.


As for me, all these streamers are directly connected with online casinos. They practically do not lose and it surprises me where the money comes from to make big bets with a long payback. It is especially surprising how luck favors them. In general, somehow all this is doubtful, although I could be wrong. But the popularity is justified. At least those who can't afford to spend large sums of money can watch it live.


Oh, and I remember that famous $100,000 skid. Although many doubt the veracity of the situation, I still tend to trust him. It's good that there is no hard destruction of online casinos by the government now. Now you can watch his streams on Twitch and enjoy the luck and communication with like-minded people. By the way, I think that YouTube was blocked not for fraud, but on the petitions of competitors. Because on twitch the rules are much stricter and everything is in order there. I hope they will see more successful drifts from this guy.

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