Casinoin is a bunch of fucking assholes and cocksuckers!

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This is just fucking insane! Casinoin is a bunch of fucking assholes and cocksuckers! I've been playing with them for three months, consistently losing money, and when I finally won big once - they blocked my account without any explanation. Can you imagine, I hit jackpots - almost 10 grand! Fucking unbelievable! I made a withdrawal request, and those assholes don't even respond. I log into my account - and there's a ban! No explanations, nothing. I write to support - and they stall, like "your request has been forwarded to specialists, wait." Damn it, I've been waiting for a week already! Have they completely lost their minds over there? I've poured so much money into them, and they're screwing me over for my honest 10k. The most annoying thing is that I deliberately waited for a big win to withdraw it immediately and get out of this casino. And it seems like they intentionally don't pay out, just fuck with the money! Aren't they fucking scumbags? How can such assholes even exist? Anyway, I'm fucking done with this Casinoin. I'm ready to fuck them over and sue them to hell. Help me get back my hard-earned 10 grand, I'm already on edge because of this! Thanks in advance, I hope you can punish these fucking cocksuckers!


Hello. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that Casinoin is a notorious scam casino that regularly deceives its players. The casino has long been on our blacklist of casinos ( because they have repeatedly ignored player complaints and refused to pay out legitimate winnings. Check out our list of trusted casinos (, you won't have such problems with them for sure. If you have any further questions - feel free to write, we'll help as much as we can. The main thing is, don't fall for dishonest casinos anymore! Play only where players are respected.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Fuck, this is fucked up! I knew those bitches from Casinoin fucked me over! It's just too bad I didn't come across your blacklist of casinos earlier, or maybe I wouldn't have ended up in this shit.

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