I would like to report a blatant case of wrongdoing by the online casino YYY Casino

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Good day. I would like to report a blatant case of wrongdoing by the online casino YYY Casino. 10 days ago, on April 25th, I registered an account at this casino and made a deposit of $500. Over the next few days, I played various games, when suddenly on April 29th, my account was blocked without any explanation from the casino administration. At the time of the block, there was a balance of $2,150 in my account. I immediately contacted YYY Casino support to clarify the situation and withdraw my legitimately won funds. However, for the past 5 days, I have not received any clear response, except for formal replies stating that my request is under review. I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter. I am ready to provide all necessary evidence and details upon first request. I rely on your professionalism and promptness. Waiting for your response.


Good day! Thank you for contacting CasinosInCanada. We deeply regret the situation and will make every effort to assist you in resolving this issue. To conduct an investigation into your case, please provide us with the following information: • Your gaming nickname or email used during registration at YYY Casino. • Screenshots of correspondence with the casino's support service, if available. • Any other materials that may serve as evidence of your fair play (bet screenshots, winnings, etc.). You can send all the data to us in private messages. We guarantee complete confidentiality of the provided information.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thank you for your prompt response and support. I highly appreciate your professionalism and willingness to help resolve my issue. Below is the requested information: • My gaming nickname at YYY Casino is ArrrKingGG_777. • Screenshots of correspondence with the casino's support service are attached to this message. • I also attach several screenshots with significant winnings obtained by me on different days. I hope this will help confirm my fair play. I will await news from you regarding the investigation and communication with the management of YYY Casino. I hope we can resolve this issue as quickly as possible. I fully trust your expertise and I am ready to provide any assistance I can in this matter. Thanks again for your work. It's comforting to know that there are organizations willing to defend the rights and interests of players. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


We have carefully studied all the information and have already taken active steps in your case. Firstly, we have sent an official request to YYY Casino with a detailed description of the situation and a demand for explanations regarding the blocking of your account. We have set clear deadlines for receiving a response from YYY Casino. If within 24 hours we do not receive a detailed comment on your case, we will be forced to take more decisive measures, up to contacting regulatory authorities and initiating checks of this casino's activities. I will inform you immediately about any changes in the situation. We will try to do everything possible to achieve a positive result in the shortest possible time.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thank you very much for your work and for keeping me informed of the progress of the investigation. Your determination and professionalism inspire confidence in me that this matter will be resolved favorably. I will await further news from you. I hope that YYY Casino will provide comprehensive explanations for their actions, and we will be able to resolve this issue without involving additional authorities. Otherwise, I fully support your intentions to contact regulatory authorities. It is unacceptable for online casinos to operate in this way and infringe upon the rights of honest players. Thank you for keeping me updated on the situation. I look forward to hearing positive news from you soon. Once again, thank you for your support!


Good day! We have important news regarding your case. We have received an official response from the management of YYY Casino regarding your situation. According to their statement, the blocking of your account occurred due to an error in their automatic security system. Supposedly, your activity and significant winnings were mistakenly interpreted as suspicious, which led to temporary access restrictions. YYY Casino extends their deepest apologies for the inconvenience caused and acknowledges that their actions in this case were unjustified. They confirm that you did not violate any rules, and your winnings are fully legitimate. As compensation for the damage caused, YYY Casino offers you the following: • Immediate unblocking of your account and restoration of full access to your gaming account. • Withdrawal of all your funds, including the initial deposit and winnings, without any delays or additional checks. • A bonus of +100% on your next deposit, which will be credited to your account as an apology for the inconvenience caused. YYY Casino representatives assured us that such a situation will not happen again, and they will take all necessary measures to improve the functioning of their security system and prevent false alarms in the future.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thank you for your work and for reaching agreements with YYY Casino. Their acknowledgment of their mistake and willingness to compensate for the inconvenience is undoubtedly a positive outcome. Please monitor the fulfillment of all obligations by YYY Casino and keep me informed. As soon as I gain access to my account and can withdraw the funds, I will inform you immediately.


All conditions have been met. Thank you again for your excellent work!


It seems that there was some misunderstanding between the player and the casino, which was successfully resolved after communication through the support team. It is very good that the casino recognised its mistake and restored access to the player's account. It is important that users can get help and get their problems resolved if they ask for support in the right way. It makes you think about how important it is to be attentive and persistent when communicating with casino support.

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