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Hi everyone, I just recently signed up at the casino site. Nick Slots recommended me to come. I had an issue with a withdrawal with leo vegas, I've withdrawn $60 just, and it's well over 3- 5 days ago. I still did not receive them, went to my bank, checked their support and they told me it's an error on my bank's part as the withdrawal went through, but my bank told me that it's not their fault. But it's Leo Vegas for sure. The casino now demands all my bank statements in PDF even though my account is new. I really need help here.


What date was your withdrawal from exactly?


On February the 5th I requested the withdrawal. Now it is actually 9 days and counting.


Ok, so try to download the PDF from your bank accounts and send them all to the casino. I think after this you should be fine.


Ok, thanks for the help. Tomorrow after the work, I will do that and send them all to Leo Vegas casino.


Yes, I always try to verify the account before I actually deposit or wager any money in any casino. Most banks thank God do have PDF of the bank statements. I hope it helps to solve it for you.

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