What a nightmare going on at Verde Casino?

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Honestly, what a nightmare going on at Verde Casino? I'm just on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I need help to solve this mess! It's just an absolute tin, not a casino! I just wanted to play, relax, and maybe win something. I made a deposit, started playing, everything seemed to be in order. And then bam - they promised me some kind of bonus. Well, I think it’s great, finally they will give something, otherwise the money will melt like snow in the sun! But what happened? The bonus never showed up! I thought maybe wait a bit, but no, he never came. And this is just the beginning! I made a deposit, but the money was not credited to my account! What the heck? Where did they go? I just could not believe my eyes, this is a complete lie! Constant attempts to contact Verde Casino support proved to be useless. They ignore me like I'm nothing! This is just dishonest and disrespectful to the players! My money has disappeared, and they are not even in a hurry to give at least some explanation! I am furious and determined not to let this thing go! I intend to fight for my money, for my rights as a player! And I hope that your honest service will support me in this situation!


We greet you! We understand your dissatisfaction and share your concern regarding the situation at Verde Casino. We are ready to help you resolve this conflict. In order for us to be able to help you in the best possible way, we need more information: 1. Your nickname or Verde Casino account number. 2. Details of your deposit, including amount, payment method, and date. 3. Screenshots or copies of correspondence with Verde Casino support, in which you clarified the situation and problems with bonuses and deposits. With this information, we will be able to start an investigation and provide you with the best possible support. CasinosInCanada Support Team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Sent you everything in private messages. I'm waiting for details from you.


Thank you for the provided data. We have contacted the casino and we will need some time to resolve the issue. As soon as we have information, we will contact you here. CasinosInCanada Support Team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Okay, I'm waiting ... I hope you manage to find the answer and what this deception relates to.


Good afternoon After a thorough investigation, we have determined that your deposit was not credited to your gaming account. This is certainly an incredibly frustrating situation, and we fully share your outrage. Based on the details you provided and our investigation, we have contacted the Verde Casino team to resolve this issue. We provided them with proof of your deposit and provided a detailed explanation of the situation. We are pleased to announce that thanks to our efforts, your deposit has been successfully detected and credited to your gaming account at Verde Casino. The casino apologizes for the inconvenience and stress this has caused. We have also contacted the Verde Casino team regarding a bonus that was promised to you but not credited. The casino has confirmed that there was a technical error due to which the bonus was not automatically credited to your account. As compensation for these troubles, the casino offered to give you a double bonus, as well as additional free spins in popular games. CasinosInCanada Support Team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Please check your account with Verde Casino to make sure that the deposit was successfully credited, and the bonus was credited as agreed. If you run into any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you at all stages of this process. Sincerely, CasinosInCanada Support Team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thanks for resolving the issue. A very strange reason, but I'm glad that the problem is solved, and the money has arrived in my account. Special thanks for the bonus! You are best!

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