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I write you here with great indignation and anger! I played online casino "Vulkan Vegas”, and I was lucky enough to win the amount of 1520 dollars. I was in seventh heaven and decided to withdraw my winnings. But 3 days have passed, and the money has not come to my account! I tried to contact the casino support, but they ignore my messages and statements. It's just incredible! I spent so much time and money on this site, I believed in their honesty, and they just deceive me! I feel betrayed and deceived. I cannot understand how such a casino can exist and deceive its customers. I'm not asking for much, I just want justice. Hope for your help and support!


Hello, We will try to help you and solve this problem as soon as possible. Please send us the following information so we can start an investigation: 1. Your nickname or account number at Vulkan Vegas online casino. 2. Date of request for funds for withdrawal and screenshots confirming this. 3. If you have any casino support emails or chats, please provide them. Support Team CasinosInCanada

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thanks for helping. Sent you all the information you asked for. Most of the dialogue with the support of the casino is gone, I sent the screenshots that were only ...


Received information from you, thank you. We have already contacted the casino representatives and started an investigation. Stay in touch here, we will update you on the progress of the case as soon as we have all the necessary information. Support Team CasinosInCanada

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Good evening! We are happy to announce that we have found the cause of the Vulkan Vegas late payment issue. Unfortunately, the casino experienced a small technical glitch, and all payments were processed manually, which caused delays for many users. The casino support team told you the truth that the withdrawal is processing, and the casino did not deceive you. After our request and investigation - Vulkan Vegas has made your withdrawal a priority and in the near future, up to 24 hours, the money should be credited to your account. The casino apologizes for the difficulties. Support Team CasinosInCanada

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Oh.. and I felt really embarrassed that I ran into the casino like that... but they could have told me themselves that they had these problems there... although I wouldn’t have believed it, of course)) Thank you for your help. I'm waiting for the money to arrive and will text you as soon as it arrives!


Good morning! And it's really good! The winnings have arrived in my account, and I want to thank you for your work! You are the best!

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