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In my memory, I do not remember a single case when selling a project would improve its work or quality. So is Askgamblers. For those who don’t know, the ask website was recently sold, and for 15 or 30,000 !!! After the sale, the new owners apparently decided to start making profit as soon as possible and stupidly SOLD the entire top + began to post absolute shit on the site. But today I just stumbled upon a complete fucked up! They post a review of a casino that uses FAKE SOFT! Scripts! Just pizdos) I won’t be surprised that the Volcano will appear there soon. With this post, I just wanted to warn everyone that now you should not use this resource at all to find normal casinos. I know that soon there will be negative reviews to erase and people's problems ... .. And here is the actual casino with a fake novomatic, which has a rating of 7.5!:


I don’t understand why many softwares allow you to post yourself along with a fake. Especially complaints about the PlaySon software, which is placed in heaps of scams, does the administration of this software allow it to be used on sites with fake slots? It's true that Micro does it like that (an example of Playfortuna). We need somehow go through this question and include unreliable software in the faded lists too!


so they are, that's just the point, so it turns out that people trust the resource and the casino located there, and they slip all sorts of hats on them.


you need to add a new checkbox - hide/show script casinos in the list


I wonder if it is possible to sort by the probability of withdrawing funds in general?)))


Everything is possible for money!

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