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My friend and I played in the casino and had some luck with welcome bonus offer. We tried to withdraw, and the account was verified. But the payment method had some problems. They told us they are fixing it. But then, the account was just banned. In the live chat they told us they do not know the reason why it was banned. We played in Rizk casino, and they said they banned the account for security reasons. Is it even legit?


I always played in Rizk and they are pretty legit. I think something you did wrong to trigger the security reason.


The docs were already accepted and we are waiting for $3,000 payment from them. There are 10 days passed already…


You mentioned you and your friend. Do you share the account? When you tell it to the casino, they ban the account automatically. Maybe you used the cards of each other. This will be also a no go for a casino.


I never shared the account with my friend. I just logged in to check if everything was ok. Do you think they know I logged in there??


I would recommend you just to wait. It is a very good casino and I don’t think they will scam you for the simple reason of logging in there.

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