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Good afternoon everyone. In three days I will be 30 years old. It so happened that I did not work in the summer, I live with my mother. I wanted to raise some money. There were stock exchanges, I lost all the salary fr om my previous job. She herself then set a limit for half a year in leonbets and still tried to play from other accounts, but I was blocked along with the winnings for obvious reasons. So I lost 150 grand. My mother's money, she kept it in dollars, I found it by accident, which I am very sorry about. As a result, I found another Play Fortune casino, wh ere I lost another 350 pieces.


A sad event. Now you need to pull yourself together and, through strict self-discipline and removing concessions to yourself, restore positions for at least a year.


Yes, it’s hard to really realize it. But you can’t return what has been done, and it’s important how you build your life in the future. Learn the lesson or continue to roll downhill further.


Hey! I think it's better to confess. So at least there will be a double effect. Mom will insert trendels, she won’t be able to play anymore :f09f9889:. And if you don’t take MFIs apart from jokes, it’s very expensive there. I would not borrow from friends, I myself do not borrow from friends. Remains a loan, work hard and don't play anymore


Well then work, what can you do. Such are they, fatty casinos. They spare no one, they know that people don’t understand what they are doing on emotions, they will find money at any cost. You, too, lacked emotions, came off on colorful cartoons. And now you have to unravel. I am like that too. Now every day is like a quest for me. I’ll earn a penny and think about what is better before spending it. Okay let's break through. Do not worry too much, from the fact that you wind yourself up it will not become better. Take it as a lesson.


And now how? Do you want to play? The longer you are without a game, the picture of what is happening will be brighter. A month later, I started to let go a little. And then I go to bed, I'm shaking, all cold as ice. I can't sleep. And I think now the money is lost, the nerves are shattered, and in return for what? - "Pleasure" as the casino support will say.


hello, the most important thing is not to try to recoup. Don't even try to win back what you lost, forget it, cross this shit out of your life and start a new life. Do not try to take a loan for the game, and even more so a credit card and no MFIs, otherwise you will pay for the rest of your life. In extreme cases, you can take out a loan in order to return the money to the place, but without a job, you will be approved at a high percentage. And then you are sure that you will not break loose and lose the loan money? If you do not have an iron will, then do not take a loan. Accept your loss, delete the game from your life forever and find a new job. Set aside money from your salary to the account to return money to your mother. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to tell, but on the one hand, you probably shouldn’t spoil the New Year for yourself and your mother, you can tell so that you don’t keep yourself and harass yourself, although I think that you don’t have conscience so many times you robbed your own mother, knowing how hard she accumulated savings. Ludomania is promiscuity, a thirst for easy money. All from idleness.

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