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High volatility

In games with high volatility or variance, you have the chance of very high winnings. These are often jackpot slots. Jackpots are not hit often, but if you have the courage to take risks and don't mind losing the money you bet more quickly if no jackpot is paid out, you have a corresponding chance of big payouts with a high slot machine variance.

Here, too, you bet €1 per spin and have a starting capital of €100. However, due to the maximum variance, the slot would never pay out unless you hit a jackpot. So after 20 spins you would have bet €20 here, but in the worst case you won nothing. Your credit would then still be €80. After 80 more spins it would be used up. In order to achieve the same payout rate of 95%, the slot would have to pay out an average of €95 for 100 spins, €190 for 200 spins, or €380 for 400 spins, and so on. In the extreme example, the slot with a very high variance would pay out €9,500 once every 10,000 spins. In this case, the chance that you would hit the jackpot with the first 100 spins would only be 1%.