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Slot machines with low RTP

The majority of slots fans usually like games with high payout percentages as they offer the opportunity for longer playing time. However, there is also a solid number of players who are interested in low RTP titles. These players prefer the chance to win big rather than engage in long gaming sessions with smaller wins.

While it might sound a little contradictory (smaller percentage for bigger wins), the explanation is actually quite simple. Since they pay out comparatively less, more money is held back, which then makes a player particularly happy in rare but all the bigger wins.

So, which providers are known to have online slots with low payout percentages in particular in their portfolio?

Concept Gaming is one of them that offers titles like Ancient China, Slot Monsters, Hollywood Reels and a few others. Zeus Play joins the list with Eternal Desire, Dice Tronic and Captain Nelson Deluxe. There is also a good selection of games from Microgaming, SYNOT, Rival and other popular slot manufacturers.

What role does the payout ratio play?

Whether it's a "real" slot or an online slot, each game has an individual percentage that is paid out to players over time. It determines the house edge and is influenced by many different factors such as number of players/spins, promotional offers, bet size and so on.

Looking at common averages, dollar slots typically pay back around 97% because they are filled with more money, while penny and nickel slots offer a lower return to player (RTP).

If you analyze this across all slot machines from different providers, you can see that the percentage ranges between 92% and 99%. In most cases, the providers disclose the quotas, but sometimes you also request this data. In addition, online casinos can make a deal with the manufacturers and have these percentages modified a bit. That's another reason why they don't disclose them.

So how do you calculate this payout?

Let's say you pick a game with 92% RTP and put $100 into it. In theory, it should then pay out $92, which equates to an 8% casino house edge. Of course, that doesn't mean that the same moment you deposit $100, you'll get $92 after a few spins. This value is calculated over the lifetime of the slot. The casino pays back this value to players in total based on ALL wagers.

What is the relationship between RTP and volatility

Slot variance, also known as slot volatility, is another significant component of any game that has an impact on determining RTP. This element indicates the frequency of payouts, their amount and the associated risk.

To simplify it as much as possible we can say that the variance determines whether a selected game has a high, medium or low risk of losing your money quickly. What we need to emphasize here is that besides these three, there are two other sub-categories - medium-high and medium-low.

Low variance means many smaller wins are generated. But there are not that many opportunities to hit a big jackpot.

So if you prefer playing games with small but frequent wins and you have a smaller budget that you want to play for as long as possible, low risk games are a good choice for you.

On the other hand, stocks with medium to high volatility that can produce sizeable profits but pay out less frequently are ideal for those with larger budgets and who like to take risks.