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Sexy Slots

One of the universal truths about goods, media, and entertainment is that if you add some sexual content to the mix, you'll be sure to get a lot of attention. Because of this, there is never a shortage of bikini-clad women in beer television commercials, calendars featuring physically fit people from all walks of life, and movie stars who draw larger crowds to the theater due to their appearance than to their talent for acting.

It may surprise you to learn that there are numerous ways in which companies that create software for online casinos also utilize sex to market their goods. There are still plenty of sexy, erotic, or vaguely risqué slot machines available that are made to titillate as much as they are made to provide you slot machine action. Okay, so they may not be as overt as the burlesque acts in Vegas casinos. You've come to the right site if you're looking for games that are solely enjoyable to adults.

A Vibrant Selection of Hot Slots

So where exactly are these spots available, and how sexy are they exactly? It might be preferable to merely look at a couple of the most well-known games that fall into this category in order to find the answers to those questions and many more.

Let's start with Bally's somewhat subdued Playboy Hot Zone. Although it would seem strange at first to associate one of the most well-known names in pornography with the word "tame," it actually makes a lot of sense. Playboy has always positioned itself as a lifestyle brand that offers all the accoutrements of luxury and high culture, going far beyond naked or scantily clad women.

This signifies that, relatively speaking, the brand has been present on a large number of items that cater to general audiences.

That also applies in this instance. This slot, which primarily uses cartoonish images, doesn't contain any nudity or even anything overtly sexual. While another illustration of Hef and two of his bunnies will net you some serious cash, the bunny emblem serves as the wild sign. Hot zones, which are areas of each reel that move independently of the symbols and can overlap to create immediate wilds that will help you score even bigger wins, are the "hottest" feature of this machine.

You might want to try a couple of Play'n Go games that show some very lovely Nordic people if you're seeking for a little more sensual content in your sexy slot machines.

There are Scandinavian Babes first. If the title isn't enough to give it away, the introductory video, which depicts numerous stunning women dancing as part of a stage act, will quickly reveal the topic. The same attractive girls can be found on the 15 lines of this slot's reels, where matching them is the quickest way to win big.

Play the companion game, Scandinavian Hunks, if you'd want to gaze upon some beefcake dudes. Even the movie that plays at the opening of the game, with the exception of the dancers' switched genders, is nearly identical to the one on its sister machine in terms of both rules and gameplay. The "choose one" bonus round features the dancers once more, and the game even offers the same free spins option. In other words, your decision to play one of these two games depends totally on your viewing preferences.

Having a Little Dirty Fun

What therefore, could possibly entice someone to play one of these sexy slot machines? There are several perfectly valid reasons and certainly nothing to be ashamed of for choosing a game that is just a little bit on the risqué side. In reality, there are at least four good reasons to engage in gaming on any of these machines:

The Peep Show: Perhaps you value images beyond all else. Who could blame you, after all, for focusing on certain of these images in particular? Sex is equally as appealing as any other theme when it comes to drawing players to games.

There is much fun to be found in the realm of erotica, and laughter truly is the best medicine. Famous sexy e-books like "Belinda Blinked" have entire podcasts devoted to reading them, and even sexier aspects of television shows like Baywatch have attracted a lot of humor. Many people will likely find the concept of a "sexy" slot machine to be absurd, but who are we to judge if it makes your play more enjoyable by making you laugh?

Taking a Wild Sidewalk

We hope this article has given you a sense of the seductive, erotic slot machine genres that are currently offered at online casinos. Of course, this is only a small selection of the sensual and racy games that are now available. In particular, Playboy has made a name for themselves in the online gambling industry. They have frequently collaborated with Microgaming to produce a live dealer suite and at least one branded slot.

Sex sells, as we stated at the beginning, and this is true for both online gaming and other forms of media.