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Every day the number of casinos increases, and they all try to attract as many players as possible, for these purposes promotions and bonuses are used. Each casino is constantly coming up with new bonuses and offers, they all compete in originality. In this section, we will place exclusive bonuses from different casinos for our site CasinosinCanada.com

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Exclusive Casino Bonus Codes

Exclusive bonuses would not be exclusive if they were public. Therefore, you can only realize the benefits of the bonus with the help of a bonus code.

All you need to do is copy the bonus code and paste it into a special form on the casino website when making a deposit.

Features of choosing an exclusive bonus

The most important thing to pay attention to before using the bonus is the rules for receiving it and the rules for wagering this bonus. Believe our experience, often exclusive does not mean the best. Sometimes the casino may set conditions for wagering an exclusive bonus so that you can never meet them. A striking example of an exclusive bonus that will make you turn gray prematurely is the x300 wager. When you first get acquainted with such a bonus, everything seems ok, a new player - get a super bonus, feel like a chosen one, but in fact it turns out that you were chosen to suffer and suffer and eventually bury your deposit along with the bonus because it was written in small print that the maximum bet was 1 dollar, the wager was x300, the bonus was valid for one day, but this happens very rarely. Therefore, carefully read all the conditions to avoid such situations.

Exclusive casino bonus : free spins

Separately, it is worth mentioning bonuses in the form of free spins. This bonus applies to both new players and those who have been playing in this casino for a long time, for this you just need to deposit the funds specified in the conditions for receiving a deposit bonus. Usually, casinos provide exclusive bonuses for free spins on specific slots.


You can get exclusive bonuses by applying the bonus code.

Can't say for sure. It all depends on the conditions of the casino.

No. This bonus can be received by any player when making a deposit.

No, you can't, all exclusive bonus codes have a lifetime.

Yes, you can, the possibility of receiving an exclusive bonus does not depend on the deposit currency.

Yes. An exclusive bonus is received by all players when applying a promo code, regardless of the platform used.