Blackjack Buster

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I wonder if any of the members of the forum play blackjack buster. I'm interested in the casino where it is available, and good recommendations for the game, since the rules are very different from the classic version of blackjack.


What is special about this version of blackjack? This is the first time I hear about it, but I have never seen it in a casino, even in the live section.


Yes, tell us more about the rules of such a blackjack, I think many will be interested to know about it. And who is already playing, tell the casino where this version is.


I once played such blackjack, but it was in an offline casino. I have never seen such a variation of the game online.


Yes, I also played offline. For some reason, this version of blackjack is not common in online casinos, although it is quite interesting.

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