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Guys who actively play slots with purchased bonuses, please advise titles where the cost of launching spins is at the level of 50-70 total bets, but no more. I have already studied more than 10 titles, and there are 100 of them everywhere, and this is completely unprofitable.


I have been looking at slots with a bonus purchase for a long time, but some players do not recommend them. They say that it is not profitable to activate the bonus round for an additional bet. In most cases, the money is not beaten off. I wanted to know if anyone here on the forum had a positive experience of playing such slots. How many can you win?


I often play them. Usually you are lucky and manage to win back the money for launching the bonus game and stay in the black a little more. But here it is necessary to look at the RTP level of the device and volatility. The return should be from 97%, and the dispersion should be medium.


I've been avoiding slots like this for a long time. Played them several times and always lost. It is better to take proven devices like the old Igrosoft and Novomatic.


On the contrary, I like such slots. Don't wait for the free spins to activate. You bet money and you play the prize round right away. I have a good profit from them in the end.

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