Golden Lady Casino won't pay me my winnings.

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I managed to win $1,000 in March. There is a problem with the withdrawal. After months of correspondence with the support team, Golden lady cited a problem with the bank and paid me only $200, promising that I would receive the rest within two business days. It is not entirely clear whether the working days at Golden Lady are much longer than usual, or whether the bank still has problems - but I am still waiting for my money. The customer support continues to scam me telling me the withdrawal is done in full.


So sorry for your experience. The casino is a well-known scam operation. I have heard about lots of bad stories about them. I am not sure how to help you in this case, to be honest.


I used to be an affiliate for them, but I quickly understood they are scamming everyone. They still owe me over $2000 in commission that I will definitely not see.

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