Crypto Leo ripped me off

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This casino started bad, I made multiple deposits and never won anything. Then I deposited over 1000 in btc it automatically attached the money to a bonus with a rediculous play through. I didn’t notice it was attached and when I finally realized it after attempting to purchase the free spin bonus on a game I was playing and the option was available. When I canceled the bonus I lost all 1000. I argued relentlessly but they could care less and then canceled the chat. I then deposited months later very carefully checking anything attached and actually won. Cashed out and it took many hours but it came. Then made more deposits. Then it started glitching switching my bets from euros to dollars which destroyed my balance and I was on with support over and over again. For hours waiting and getting nothing. Then I’m sending btc to another casino last night and purchased btc using moonpay. The wallet attached to moon pay from crypto Leo shows I have a positive balance of 99.66 USD in btc. So I messaged moonpay support and that lasted hours tracking transactions through the blockchain to make sure the balance is correct. Printed a statement and then went to crypto Leo. Spoke to one agent named hunter and he looks into it and says to log out of the casino, clear cache, use chrome for browser and problem should be solved. I asked him was my balance on his end reflecting the 99.66 and he started typing and then immediately disconnected. So I followed the steps in his direction. But no balance. Then logged in and started a new support chat immediately. Dolores then attempted to help me and read the chat between hunter and I. I then explained everything sent snap shots and all for her to tell me that the blockchain isn’t accurate nor is moonpay. She also stated that the address crypto Leo assigned me to make deposits into my account is not a btc wallet. And that an accurate account of the funds in said btc address from anyone other than crypto Leo would be inaccurate and can not be reliable. I will spend my time posting my story and experience along with evidence to corroborate the truth that crypto Leo is a definite scamming casino!


Hello friend) Do you have screenshots? Upload screenshots to your complaint. Did I understand correctly that you require Crypto Leo to return 99 USD? Upload screenshots or send me a personal message and I will help you. What are the requirements for Crypto Leo Casino? If you return the money, then how much do you think you owe.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

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