I can't resolve issues related to Cryptoleo casino - the money never came to my card

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Hello! I can't resolve issues related to Cryptoleo casino. This was my first online casino experience and to be honest I was impressed with the interface and variety of games. But alas, here's what happened... I recently played Dead oa Alive in Cryptoleo and luck smiled at me! I won a large amount of money - $700, and joyful, I decided to withdraw my winnings to my bank card. I followed all the instructions on the site for the payout, but the money never came to my card. I understand that payments can sometimes be delayed, but it has been several days and the money has not arrived in my account. I sincerely hope that you can help me resolve this issue and claim my winnings. It seems to me that this would be fair and honest. I really appreciate your help and support!


Hello! We are sincerely sorry that you are having trouble paying out your winnings. We fully understand the importance of this situation for you and are ready to take responsibility for solving this problem. First, we will conduct a thorough review of your account and transaction to find out what could have gone wrong. Please provide us with your account identification number (login), email and transaction details in private messages so that we can begin the investigation process. We guarantee that we will do our best to resolve this situation as soon as possible and provide you with a well-deserved payout of the winnings. Your trust is very important to us, and we will try to restore it. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Expect messages from our team soon. Best Regards, CasinosInCanada Support Team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Hello! Thank you very much for your prompt reply and for your understanding of the situation. I really appreciate your attention to this issue. Sent information. I hope your team will be able to conduct a thorough investigation and resolve this issue. I have always dreamed of such a win and would be very upset if I did not manage to get my winning money.


Thank you for providing the required data. We have already started an investigation and analysis of the transaction to find out what could have caused the delay in payment. Your situation is a high priority for us, and we devote all our attention and efforts to it. CasinosInCanada support team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Good afternoon. We have sent you an email asking you to verify your identity. Please send the indicated documents in the response letter to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Best wishes, CasinosInCanada support team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Sent. What is wrong with the documents that I sent for verification at the casino?


Everything is fine. This is a standard procedure to verify your identity and make sure you are not a scammer. CasinosInCanada support team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Good evening! We want to share good news! We have completed our investigation and identified the reason for the delay in payment. It turned out that in this case there was a technical error on the part of the payment system through which transactions are carried out. This error affected several transactions, including yours. It is important to emphasize that your winnings are saved and safe. We immediately set about solving this problem and took the following steps: Problem Identification: We have analyzed your transaction in detail and found that it was in a "pending" state due to a technical error. Communication with the payment system: Our team contacted Cryptoleo representatives to quickly resolve this issue. Transaction Correction: After communicating with Cryptoleo, we were able to correct the status of your transaction and ensure the successful completion of the transaction. Verification and confirmation: We have carefully checked and confirmed that the winnings were successfully sent to your bank account. You should see funds in your account within the next few business days, depending on your bank's policy. CasinosInCanada support team

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Thank you very much for solving the problem. I'm waiting for the money to arrive and write to you.


Good afternoon, the money came to the account in less than a day. Thanks again for solving my problem, you are the best!

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