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We go to the site And we start watching rtp slots. And what do we see. For all slots, the RTP is 96 percent (an example is the reactoonz slot). No references to the fact that rtp can somehow vary. Went infa on foreign sites. Zero reactions. As a result, the Plaingow provider is a complete scammer. How can we players deal with this crap. What advice can you give?


It is also strangely written here, since he has an RTP of 96.51%.


I have already written about this many times in topics about Play’N Go. They are scammers. And it’s not the casino’s fault, as some people write here, namely, it’s the casino that officially allows casinos to use their product with different percentages of return, while indicating deliberately false information on their website.


I think it's better not to play Playngo at all now, how else do we know that these are real numbers on rtp. Maybe they made open% on purpose, but in fact they are even smaller, now you can’t trust them for sure) for example, not 84 but 74, not 96 but 86 haha))


But there are some faults of the casino too. No responses, no slot shutdowns. In short, the players are just dumb cattle for them. After all, everyone understands that rtp 84 percent is a crazy taking money from people.


The casinos also have a share of the blame, but in fact they send requests to the official PNGGO server, so the casinos do not actually violate any rules, but the PNGO itself violates the law, misleading players. In other words, PNG are scammers. You can no longer gossip on this topic. (Casinos can be called accomplices of scammers, as they knew and hid the information.) Even if we take, for example, that the percentages of 94% are in the softwhistle, it is still a scam, since on the official website of the PNG the specified RTP is 96% and even a decrease in RTP by 2%, not to mention 12%, they are required to indicate in the game so that the player playing in their naebalovo, I could find this information with a warning that the percentage of return is obviously lower than stated. (This is actually very easy for the provider to indicate a specific rtp in the fakie for a specific game)


online businessmen have such a thing as "traffic" - this is how they call players names))) Therefore, consider yes, players are just faceless traffic for online sharag. The conclusion is: Play in the casino only in those offices where there is something else (bookmaker, poker ...) as practice has shown, for those establishments that do not have slots for a specialized occupation, the RTP percentages are the highest.


At this rate, soon all casinos will turn into scripted ones! When the casino has a bad or unprofitable day, The owner reconfigures the RTP and voila - the profit has gone! it's a pity while the range of 96-84 is narrow, you need to send a request to change the rtp in the range from 0% to 96%.


The player has no chance if he plays for the last money and plays to such a life

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