Rostein is Fake

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The most famous western casino streamer Roshtein caught himself while playing for candy wrappers in the N1 casino. By clicking the "practice" button on its balance, the same amount is displayed as the main game, it is clear that this cannot be because when playing in demo mode in Netent slots, the starting balance for the demo game is $ 5000 and the demo game always starts from this mark. So rostein is a fantasist.


The majority of viewers have the opinion that Roshtein plays with funds from the casino and, as you can see from the video above, there are reasons for that. Many are also sure that casinos give Rostein huge bonuses that sometimes reach 500% on a deposit and it is difficult to win back such a bonus, so Rostein most likely streams not for the sake of playing, but to attract new customers to the casino.


Already only one face can be said - this is a corrupt gypsy nit.


Apparently, the streamer has a very warm relationship with the N1 casino, which is built on joint earnings from honest hard workers and viewers of the Twitch platform.


Roshtein is rat!!!


paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

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