Casumo Verification Problem

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I am a loyal player in Casumo and now they want me to send them the source of wealth. I sent them all my payslips and bank statements, also employer did a letter for me. I also scanned passport and driving license again. I also sent my big winnings proof, so they know I have money to invest. They also asked the bank statement of my husband. Has someone had such a procedure there?


Sometimes they do it after you do a withdrawal request. Then they start a big procedure. Did you request the money?


No, I did not, they just asked the me to do this procedure. Funny though, they would take my deposit with no issues but if I win, then I will have a problem. Every day they come with something new.


It happened to me the same way. They just started to ask me about the source of income and wealth. Also, my last salary and they verified my account very fast. In just under 2 hours.


Same here, asking me for husbands info!

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