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History of the gambling in Brampton

When Ontario legalized gambling in 1975, Brampton also got a land-based casino Delta Bingo and Gaming Hall. It was opened in 1975 and is famous due to several big jackpot wins. Till today this casino hall is a leading land-based casino in Brampton.

How to choose the right casino in Brampton

  • Offer 1 – If you like only the certain casino game, you need to do the research where you can play them.
  • Offer 2 – Choose a hotel that offers the casino tour. Sometimes the casino is on the territory of the hotel.
  • Offer 3 – If you know which place you like to visit in the city, you can see if there is a casino nearby. Also, some cities have a direct transfer to the casino.

What to do in Brampton

Brampton is famous by several great sightseeing places that can interest you except for the casinos:
  • Peel Heritage Complex is the cultural heritage centre of the Peel region. It combines an art gallery, history and natural museums, and city archives.
  • The Lorne Scots Regimental Museum is an interesting military museum. Its expositions contain samples of weapons, uniforms and military awards.
  • A wonderful family vacation can be ensured almost in the very centre of the city - on the beaches of Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre.
  • A visit to The Rose Theatre will be a great place to spend the evening. Its building, located near the city centre, is easy to find thanks to its original architecture.

Interesting Facts about Brampton

  • Brampton was founded in 1853 as a township of 50 inhabitants.
  • Three Canadian premieres kicked off in Brampton.
  • Authors who were born in or live in Brampton include Rohinton Mistry, Jesse Thistle, and Edo Van Belkom.
  • Brampton attracts residents and businesses with its proximity to Pearson International Airport and Brampton Road infrastructure.


As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Brampton, Ontario, did not have a land-based casino within the city. Casino gaming is more commonly found in larger cities like Toronto or Niagara Falls.

The nearest casinos to Brampton are typically found in nearby cities. Casino Woodbine in Toronto is a popular casino that residents of Brampton can visit for gaming and entertainment.

In Brampton, the legal gambling and casino age is 19 years or older. This age restriction applies to casino gaming, purchasing lottery tickets, and betting on horse racing. Please note that age requirements may change, so it's essential to confirm the current regulations if you plan to visit a casino.