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The 243 way slots

Today we will discuss a certain mechanics of ways-to-win slots. They are also referred to as 243-way slots, you need to understand how the basics of slots work. This is especially true when it comes to games with multiple paylines. On a basic three-reel slot machine, there is a single payline, which is the horizontal line in the middle. If you see a winning combination on this line, you win a certain amount.

Modern slot machines often offer more reels to spin on a spin of the game, and there are multiple paylines, some running horizontally from left to right, while others run diagonally or in a zigzag pattern. You can definitely find the slots that offer only one payline,however, other machines offer five to 20 paylines.

Multiple payline slots can be very entertaining as they offer multiple chances to win, but they are also more expensive than regular slot machines that only offer one payline. This is because you have to bet on every line that you want to activate. So if you want to activate all lines on a game with 25 paylines, you have to bet at least 0.25 euros or dollars to activate all lines. If it's a so-called quarter slot with a bet of $0.25 per line, this sum increases to $6.25.

What does this mean for slots with win ways?

On the one hand, "Way-to-Win" slots have 243 different paylines, which is also called as every possible combination on a slot with 5 reels. On the other hand, win ways ensure that you no longer need win lines. With this type of games, you win on any winning combination occurred left to right, regardless of what type of "line" it's found in. In other words, the symbols are effectively scatter symbols that can be found next to each other.

Experienced slots players may already played with different scatter symbols, but for beginners here is a new explanation. A scatter symbol is a symbol on the reels that grants a win independent of the payline. In a traditional video slot, these are special symbols, while in the new breed of 243-way slots, every symbol is a scatter symbol.

Various slots with 243 ways to win

Below we've listed some of our favorite 243-way-to-win slots, along with a brief review of those games. There are now a large number of variants, the slots listed here are just our favorites.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises slot comes from Microgaming and is based on the Batman film of the same name. The game contains five reels and 243 ways to win. This game also features a wild symbol that "expands" so it can fill an entire reel, increasing the number of winning combinations even more. The game also contains so-called Split Wilds, which insert an additional symbol in a winning combination. That's why it's possible to get six symbol combinations on just five reels. This doubles the payout. Another unique feature of The Dark Knight Rises is Symbol Scramble, but the free spins accumulator is also very interesting. Symbol “Scramble” means that the game sometimes mixes all the symbols on the screen in order to supply the best winnings. The free spins feature is triggered by three scatter symbols. Then, in that round, you become Bane or Batman as they fight each other.

Playboy slot

Players who are into sexy slots are sure to appreciate Playboy slot with 243 ways to win. This game is also from Microgaming. The symbols in the game consist of pretty pictures of Playboy girls. The game includes a four part bonus game. There are also many ways to win free spins on this slot. Different girls ensure special wins, for example Kimi stands for ten free spins and a 5x multiplier.

Battlestar Galactica

Microgaming's Battlestar Galactica game is another five-reel, 243-way slot. You can play for a penny or a nickel per line, with a maximum bet of 15 dollars or euros per slot. The game contains wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus rounds. The symbols include the characters from the well-known TV series: Colonel Tigh, Baltar, Starbuck, Six and many others. If you're a science fiction fan, this game might be your favorite slot game.

The Lord of the Rings

This game is based on the popular series of films by Peter Jackson, which in turn are based on the JRR Tolkien trilogy. Unlike the other games we've touched on, this isn't a Microgaming game. Instead, The Lord of the Rings slot was developed by WMS Gaming. The symbols are some of the most well-known characters from the film, for example Frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn. The min. bet is 40 cents, and the game contains eight different bonus rounds, all of which are based on important scenes from the films. For example, a bonus round is based on the Balrog battle in the mines of Moria. The Lord of the Rings has its own story. The more you play, the further you get on your journey. Completing more miles can trigger bonuses and see special effects.