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Low volatility

If a slot has a low variance, you will win significantly more often than with the other variants. However, they will be lower. Such slots are ideal if you enjoy the fun of playing the machine and want to play with your capital for a long time. Of course, even with low variance slots there is a chance to hit slightly higher winnings.

Without knowing whether slots have high, medium or low volatility or variance, it is difficult to calculate variance yourself. It would take a lot of spins to find out exactly how seldom or often winnings are paid out and in what amount.

To understand how the variance is calculated, you can imagine two machines with the same payout ratio, the same stake and the same starting balance, but each with a different variance. For a better understanding, we take two extreme variants for the example, which do not exist in reality: A slot with as low and as high volatility as possible. For the sake of simplicity, we assume the following requirements for both slots:

  • 95% payout rate

  • Initial balance of €100

  • Stake of €1 per spin

Let's say you bet €1 on each spin on the slot. With the lowest possible variance, the slot would pay out 95 cents in profit on every spin. So, you would lose 5 cents of your bet with every spin since the payout percentage is 95%. After 20 spins you would have wagered a total of €20 and won €19 again. So, your balance after 20 spins would still be €99. So, you could spin 2,000 times before the credit would be exhausted. Since such a slot would offer no chance of high winnings, it would be very unpopular among players.