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Turbo Spins

If you have little time to play the slots and want to increase the speed of each spin, there is a possibility to us a so-called turbo spin mechanics of the slot.

All virtual gambling games are based on RNG technology, which replaced the old-time electronics and mechanics. The entire process of random outcomes has been digitized and a computer chip is enough to hold a video poker machine. Play slot machines in this fast mode. This is how RNG works. The abbreviation RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It's a computer program that does exactly what its name indicates - it generates random numbers.

The technology used for online casinos is called a pseudo-random number generator because no external input is required to generate an output. Turbo Spins give you the possibility to "turbocharge" your gameplay in order to hit big wins in a faster way. The RNG can predict the outcome in several steps.

The Skywind slots feature has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to activate the turbo mode and auto-spins by pressing the two clearly labeled buttons that sit next to each other. Turbo mode removes all content except the spinning reels for super-fast spins.