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Animal Slots

From the friendly dog to the fierce bear, everyone loves at least one type of animalic creatures. Cats, kangaroos, spiders, frogs. We are all animals by definition and there is something fascinating in every creature. Many videos that can be found on the Internet today revolve around furry friends and the extermination of endangered species releases many emotions.

Given its popularity, it's easy to see why so many online slots use this as the theme for their games. Whether talking about a specific species of animal or an entire zoo, the animal kingdom is well-presented in the online slots’ world with some well-known games.

Impressive Slots

Animals are a popular theme for game developers as they are easy to integrate into the wide variety of games. You can make a specific species of animal the focal point of a slot - just pop in some pictures of birds and you've got a bird-themed slot. But there are also variants that pay out different prizes and depict groups of animals that reside in certain regions, landscapes, or climates. Or you can use animals as a kind of decoration for other themes.

From a game developer's point of view, everyone knows what these symbols mean. It always helps when symbols are kept as universal as possible. Thus, anyone can play a game from anywhere and know what is going on in it. Almost every player can distinguish hundreds of different animals based on pictures. Therefore, games based on nature are the simplest in the world - with no translation needed.

The wild animal kingdom

The variety that you can discover in games about animals can also be found in nature. It's hard to make a list of all these games as there are so many slots that fall into this category. If you want to count every slot machine that features an animal, you can add up to hundreds if not thousands of slots.

There are some game titles that focus on specific animals like lions, tigers and bears and many others. Many games are entertaining in one way or another and we've selected a few games that are our favourites.

Mega Moolah (Microgaming): This might not be the most obvious game title given its name, but Mega Moolah features a variety of African animals ranging from monkeys to elephants to lions. Why isn't a single animal named in the title? The focus of this game is on the impressive progressive jackpot, as the slot has already paid out millions (and even tens of millions) of dollars.

OMG Kittens (WMS): Is there anything cuter than little kittens? These bundles of fur are energetic and playful. So it's easy to understand why cats are the most popular pet in the United States. This game is just lovely, but don't get distracted: there are some big wins to be had, especially when you discover the game's stars: Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers.

Untamed (Microgaming): Microgaming's line of slots covers some of the majestic creatures and while each slot is similar, each game title has been designed to impressively bring out the temperament of each animal. Players can play with either a wolf pack, the Bengal tiger, the giant panda, or the crowned eagle. Each slot takes place in the natural home of the animals. With 243 ways to win on each game, there are plenty of chances of winning.

Wolf Run (IGT): This innovative game from IGT was first spotted in brick and mortar casinos but is now also very popular online. A Native American themed slot with plenty of wolves and big wins thanks to Stacked Wilds. The latter were revolutionary in the online gaming world when the game was released. With a bonus round that makes it fairly easy to fill the screen with wild symbols, you'll love to surround yourself with wolves.