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Magic Slots

Be it David Copperfield's stage performance, some of David Blaine's performance, or your famous tricks with pigeons and rabbits in the head, there's a touch of magic everywhere. Magicians can be found almost everywhere in the world and even after centuries the power of magic is refined and ways are always found to innovate the methods of deception and illusion that have delighted viewers for generations.

With a universal theme, it provides a good foundation for slots as players understand and are enthralled with it. Many game providers have created slots that use magic tricks in bonuses and other scatters to give this concept home. If you love magic then you have the choice of many online slots to explore this theme in different forms.

Wizards and Witches in the best of form

Magic comes in many forms, but they all come with a touch of mystery. This is also the reason why it is such a popular theme for slots players. In a way, the whole slots experience is built around surprises and mysteries. Players enjoy the high variability of these slots and the uncertain rewards: will the next spin be a dud or will it land the big jackpot? Only time will tell and it's a magical moment when the wins appear.

Even how the slots are done seem like magic to some players. Especially when it comes to modern slot machines, which these days use RNGs to bring about an outcome rather than mechanical reels. Nobody can really see what's going on inside and the game itself is like an illusion that entertains us as cold, sterile numbers determine our destiny in each game round.

With so much magic playable, adding a magic theme is fitting for a slot. Of course, it can take many different forms: some slots play on the idea of ​​modern-day magicians, while others take more dramatic forms of mysterious powers, as seen in fantasy stories and different children's tales. We just adore the Magic themes of the slots and games as it gives us an opportunity to dream big.