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It is believed that the coast of North America was reached precisely by the Vikings in the distant year 986. The representatives of the tribes called Algonquian were the first Indians to be found there. There is no historical evidence that can say with certainty that the Vikings fought in horned helmets.

They could only wear such headgear for ritual purposes or as decoration for special merits. In a battle, the horned helm is impractical. There is a theory that the "battle" horn helmets were created by a costume designer for the Wagner opera in the distant 19th century. During the Viking Age, the modern territory of Scandinavia was inhabited by tribes that often fought each other. They never viewed themselves as a single ethnic community. They also never had a common state.

The Vikings were almost the main pirates in Europe from the ninth to the eleventh centuries, and the appearance of the Scandinavian ship near the inhabited coast did not bring anything good to its inhabitants. If the Scandinavians preferred the 'hit and run' tactic (in the 1st half of the 9th century) before the first Viking campaigns, in the second half of the century many chose to remain in new lands.

From the ninth to the eleventh centuries, the successful Viking leaders also seized political power in the conquered territories and sought their recognition from local neighbours and many more ancient European dynasties. Some of these states existed for a relatively short time (for example, the kingdoms of York and Dublin), but part could boast of a very long existence and significantly influenced the history of Europe: The Duchy of Normandy, the Kingdom of Sicily and even Ancient Rus'.


From "The Vikings" it blows cold and icy. Attractive girls in silver-platinum helmets and sexy fur suits will be watching you from the pay line. Long icicles of azure ice glisten around the playing field. Viking Age is about a time when lush valleys and fertile forests were covered with ice and snow. All the functionality of the game is “carved” from stone and “cut out” from light brown wood. Vikings of Fortune evokes a more heroic legend than a standard gambling project.

Costumes, landscapes, and characters are drawn to a very high standard by talented web designers. "VikinG" offers a story about a brave man, born into a warlike tribe, who longs for something bigger than just a family and to be a worthy son of his father. "Lost Vikings" is realized in a modest style. Believe us, however, that it has not lost its charm and magic. The Viking bonus policy and many nice little things are waiting for every player. "Brave Viking" impresses with delicate colour nuances and friendly functionality. Game bonuses with a few quirky surprises and an excellent atmosphere are guaranteed. Vikings Go Berzerk may scare many, but don't be scared.

Crazy berserkers don't plan to bite you. Vikingfire is a very friendly slot machine with cartoon graphics and an amusing Dalmatian puppy. Slightly green grass under the playing field will surely make you smile. "Vikings" is a collection of magical runes depicted on rings and other ornaments of cold warriors.

The scenery just behind the lines looks amazing. There is a high rocky mountain covered with green moss. Dragon Ship tells you the story of the captain of the Viking ship. Rise Of The Vikings is a funny slot machine game about strong bearded men and their adventures at sea. Viking Runecraft is about the ancient legendary art of creating and using the magic of runes. Vikings Go Wild is a bit strange, but the charm of the gambling industry is visible here at first glance: delightful music, no less excellent graphics, a convenient interface for betting and, of course, additional features.