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The 5-reel slot

Of course, the 5-reel slots are initially more complex than standard 3-reel slots and therefore require a different approach to your bankroll management and gaming strategy. On the other hand, these slots also bring many advantages, although these types of slot machines fit into almost every category since 5 reels has become the established model. I still want to give you an insight into the basics.

First of all, slots of this type are equipped with a larger selection of paying symbols and contain additional features, both on the reels and in the form of bonus games and often equipped with a progressive or in-game jackpot. Also, these games are often used as the basis for slot machine tournaments.

This is where the strength of the 5 reels comes in

Slots come into play as not only does this offer you more ways to win, but when you factor in the extra features such as scatters, bonus games and the potential of various wild symbols, the potential winnings can be substantial. In principle, however, the expectations of a slot always depend on you, because both the RTP and the variance of slot machines are important when making a selection. Compared to the smaller 3-waltzes, you will often be able to activate free spins and thus benefit from a generally greater profit potential.