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Alcohol themed slots

Over the past ten years, online casino games have grown in popularity. During the recent COVID-19-related lockdowns, online casino games experienced unexpectedly high traffic. Online slots continue to be the most convenient option for newcomer casino aficionados, despite the fact that some players are drawn to games of skill like poker and blackjack.

Today's online slots come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, with themes ranging from well-known film franchises to original journeys created by game designers to entice new players. Online slots with beer and alcohol as a vital element in gameplay are one specialty that is growing in popularity. An overview of some of the most played online slots featuring scrumptious cocktails and frosty beers can be found below.

Beer House

The gameplay and music in Bier Haus fit the stereotype of a German Bier Haus. The topic of the game lends itself to that idea. A buxom bartender and a moustachioed man dressed in traditional German garb welcome you at the initial screen. A bar's background noise plays during the pre-spin, but as soon as the spin begins, the tuba starts playing and a cheery accordion music follows the gaming. Accordions, beer kegs, and the two main characters are all present on the game's five reels and four lines.

The game was released in 2015 by the WMS Gaming Company, a reputable firm in the game creation industry with a large portion of its revenue coming from US and Canadian gamblers. Although the corporation is one of the biggest providers of slot machines globally, it also maintains worldwide offices in several other nations, including Argentina, China, and the UK.

The maximum payout is $25,000, while the minimum and maximum bets per spin are $0.05 and $40, respectively. With paying symbols like the Wild, Scatter, and various high paying and low paying ones, Bier Haus has a ton of in-game bonuses.

Pinata Bucks

The game Pinata Bucks is highly influenced by Mexican culture and is centered on the idea of a Latin American pinata horse. The three reels of the colorful game include cacti, mariachis, and of course, tequila bottles. With a minimum of $0.1 and a maximum of $60, Pinata Bucks offers a maximum payout of $12,000. Free spins, mega symbols (3x3), scatter symbols, and cactus wilds are all bonus bonuses.


Citas, which is Spanish for "dates," is another thrilling slot machine with a drinking theme. With young people decked out for a night on the town, the game is centered on love and romance. Along with the conventional symbols like cherries and lemons, the reels' characters also contain champagne bottles and glasses.

The experience is a little monotonous, as there is no background music and only pounding noises as the reels spin; nevertheless, when the spin is over, a seductively groovy Spanish rumba percussion begins to play.

The game offers a minimum payoff of $0.2, a maximum payout of $10, and a maximum payout of $10,000. Jackpot, Scatter Symbols, Symbols Collection, Wild, Bonus Game, Bonus Symbols, Free Spins, and Game History.

Stretch Limo

Lightning Box, an Australian video game developer, created Stretch Limo. The tagline for this game is "Phone up your friends we're going to hit the town in stretch limo style tonight!" It has a party theme.

The game's VIP party theme requires you to match casino chips, champagne bottles, cigars, and pricey watches across its five reels.

For matching three pieces of the black stretch Hummer or the white stretch Hummer, the free spins bonus awards 10 free spins or 15 free spins, respectively.