Casino Table Games

Modern casinos offer a wide range of table games. We will try to tell you in general about the types of games and common strategies. Everything so that you can approach the choice of a board game consciously.

Table Games List

The most common casino table games are:


-Black Jack



What strategies are there in board games?

strategies of board games

Here we will tell you about three basic strategies for playing any probability games with bets. All strategies can be divided into flat, positive and negative.

Positive Strategies

The brightest representative of positive strategies is the Martingale strategy. John Martingale came up with this strategy in the 18th century, as the owner of a gambling establishment, he encouraged players to use this system, assuring that it was very profitable. Its essence lies in the fact that each subsequent bet after a losing one is doubled. This is done so that if your bet is a winning one, the win will cover the loss. Martingale recommended using a minimum bet equal to one percent of your deposit. In practice, it turns out that your deposit will withstand only 6 rates before you can not use this system.

Another typical positive strategy is the labouchere strategy. In it, the player allocates part of the deposit and divides it into several bets, for example, by 5. That is, if the player wants to use 300 CAD to make 5 bets, then he distributes his bets as follows 50 60 80 60 50 and writes these numbers in a row. Further, if the first bet turned out to be winning, then the first and last number in the series of bets is crossed out, if it is lost, then one more number equal to the sum of the first and last numbers is written in the series. The player wins if he manages to cross out all the numbers and close the series before his deposit is reset to zero.

Negative Strategies

Negative strategies are mirror images of positive strategies. In negative strategies, with each loss, the size of the bet decreases. If we maximize the impact of winnings in positive ones, then in negative ones we try to reduce the damage to the deposit from losses. A simple negative strategy is that we make a bet in the amount of 5% of the deposit, if the bet loses, then we reduce the bet to 4%, if it wins, it remains the same.

Flat Strategies

Flat strategies are called in which, regardless of the outcome of each game, the size of the bet does not change.

Summing up, we can say that all of the above strategies are equally useless. The only correct strategy is to play for the amount that you are willing to lose without harming your psyche and standard of living.

How to play free board games?

In order to play any table games, be it blackjack or video poker, you just need to go to the casino website and go to the games section. To play for free in demo mode, you don't even need to register, so choose whatever you like.

How to play table games for real money?

play table games

Playing table games for real money requires two conditions to be met, you must have an account and a deposit. To create an account, you need to go to the casino website, and in a special field indicate your email address, come up with a username and password. After that, confirm your mail and you can consider the account ready. Next, in the "deposit" section on the casino website, select the payment system, copy the details of the casino, pay, wait for the money to be deposited and you can play.

Mobile online table games

mobile table games

This question is of interest to many, since now basically everyone uses their mobile devices for entertainment, and gambling does not stand aside. All online casinos allow you to play table games from any mobile device, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, phone or Android tablet. For all platforms, it is possible to download the application and play your favorite board games in it. If you have an outdated version of the phone, or there is no way to install APK files, then you don’t need to be upset, you can always play the mobile version of the casino in instant play mode. You just need to go to the casino website and select the desired game, and immediately start playing right in the browser.

Best Table Games Providers

 table games providers

Microgaming is the most titled provider that stood at the origins of online gambling. Creates table games of chance since 1999, so the list of possible games is very wide.

NetEnt – if you want to play high-quality games with smooth graphics and new features, then netent games will not leave you indifferent.

Evolution Gaming is the best solution for mobile gamers as this provider builds games for mobile first and then optimizes them for desktop.


It all depends on your preferences. Everywhere is a matter of taste. If you want to feel like James Bond, play baccarat. If you want a leisurely game, choose video poker.

Yes, sure. All you need to play is a mobile device and a good internet connection.

No, as far as the process of the game itself is concerned, it is identical. The only difference is that in the first case the account is virtual.

No. Since all games have the advantage of the casino.