cachback bonuses

At the moment, a popular trend in online casinos is the cashback bonus. These are bonuses that are offered by the casino, usually for a deposit made on the site. As a rule, the casino returns you a certain percentage or amount of your deposit in cash. What could be better than getting your money back? Get them back as an added bonus! In this guide, we will tell you what you need to know about these bonuses and how they work.

Welcome Bonuses
Wager 70X
100% bonus up to 750 CAD + 55 Free Spins
Welcome Bonuses
Wager 70X
100% bonus up to 750 CAD + 55 Free Spins

Types of cashback bonuses

1. Cashback bonuses from losses - cashback is credited after each lost game session in the casino. For example, you played blackjack and made five bets of $100, all bets were lost, the loss was $500, you will be credited with cashback (usually 10%) in the amount of $50 on deposit, so that you continue to play. And if you won $ 800 in one of the bets and lost $ 400, then you would not be credited with cashback, since the game session was winning.

2. Losing Bets - almost the same as the first type, only if you win $800 in blackjack, if you lose four bets, the casino would still, despite winning, accrue a bonus of $40.

3. Cashback on deposit - everything is simple here for every 1000 dollars of your deposit, the casino will add another 100 (sometimes it can go up to 250), no matter what the results of the game are.

4. Daily, weekly and monthly cashback bonuses are credited at the end of the day, week or month to your deposit in the amount of a certain percentage of your total loss.

5. Cashback for VIP program participants is always calculated differently, in some casinos for a deposit, in others for a loss over a period of time.

6.Wager free cashback - allows you to withdraw money along with the bonus, but limits the size of the cashout. Only applies to losses, never applies to deposits.

How to find the best casino with cashback

If you see that the casino, in its conditions, voices the fact that you cannot withdraw cashback, then do not rush to discount this offer. Often, small casinos that do not yet have a huge audience of players will offer you non-withdrawable cashback bonuses. Yes, on the one hand, it is unpleasant that cashback cannot be withdrawn for real money, but there is a nuance. If the casino does not allow you to withdraw cashback, then there are no requirements for cash out either. And one more point worth focusing on: non-withdrawable cashback bonuses that are added to your deposit and do not have cash out limits, in addition to everything, they have the smallest possible wager. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully weigh everything before refusing such bonuses. Well, if you decide to use the classic cashback bonus, then pay attention to such things as the size of the cashback, the amount of the wager, and the maximum cashout. All this knowledge will help you make the right choice.

In what cases should I refuse cashback?

You can reconsider the decision to apply the cashback bonus only after you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the rules for providing the bonus. An example of a cashback to stay away from would be a cashback bonus of 10 percent on the funds you lose playing Caribbean blackjack or triple zero roulette, that is, the casino only gives you cashback on games with the worst chances of winning, such a cashback is not even worth it. consider, anyway, you will lose everything very quickly, without even enjoying the bonus.

Pros and cons of cashback bonuses

A definite plus can be called the fact that these bonuses have lower wagering requirements compared to others.

Also, the advantages of cashback include the fact that it mitigates the consequences of an unsuccessful gaming session. Even if the loss was very large, the cashback mechanics will not allow you to instantly destroy your deposit.

The disadvantages include the fact that if you do not make enough bets, you will not receive cashback. This is how the casino protects itself from those who like to often make a deposit, and then withdraw it with cashback.

Also, a not so wide range of bonus programs at the casino can be considered a minus, and not all casinos offer cashbacks.


The casino provides cashback bonuses ranging from 10 to 25 percent.

Not always. There are casinos that provide a cashback deposit bonus, but it cannot be withdrawn. You need to carefully read the conditions in each case.

Cashback bonus is beneficial for those players who play a lot and for a long time in the casino. Since you will receive a cashback with each deposit, in contrast to a one-time welcome bonus.

Yes, cashbacks are completely legal, they don't require you to deposit extra money to deposit, and they don't encourage you to play more aggressively.

No, it does not, since the cashback is credited on the side of the casino. This means that you can deposit money in Skrill and withdraw it for a visa. There are no restrictions here.