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If you are looking for the most popular slots at the moment, then this section is just for you. We have compiled a selection of the most popular slots in Canada on this page and made a convenient filter by providers and exclusive features.

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How do slots become popular?

There are many aspects due to which this particular slot gains popularity among the gaming community. First of all, we will consider the internal or natural factors of the popularity of certain slots. Natural factors should be understood as those that cannot be manipulated.

Natural Popularity Factors

First is the commitment of players to a particular provider, there are many such players who constantly play games from the same provider. Netent fans hello!

Secondly, these are mechanics, for example, megaways slots are wildly popular precisely because of their mechanics with a large number of pay lines.

Thirdly, the theme of games, some people like to play slots of a certain theme, for example, Yggdrasil supporters love Vikings. Although the Yggdrasil themselves love the Vikings. In general, you understand.

Fourthly, progressive jackpots should be included in a separate category, since there is an opportunity to win huge money, then, of course, jackpots are mega popular.

Fifthly, this is of course a high RTP, the higher the percentage of return to the player, the more interesting it is to play, a slot with an RTP of less than 95% has no chance of becoming popular at all. What to say about slots with an RTP of 93%, this is a usless one-day junk. We have been observing such a trend for a long time that it is becoming more and more difficult to please players every day and providers have to increase RTP all the time, and this cannot but rejoice.

Artificial Popularity Factors

Artificial popularity factors should include those that can be manipulated and actively used by casinos. For example, the White Orchid slot was very popular at one time, but it was popular not because it had super graphics or advanced mechanics, but simply because it was beneficial for the casino. Judge for yourself, a slot with an RTP of just over 93% would hardly have received attention under equal conditions with other games, but casinos, as usual, tried to tip the scales in their favor and began to aggressively promote it. Ask how? Of course, bonuses and free spins. Free spins were distributed to the right and to the left, and only on this slot. There was such a wide advertising campaign that even casinos that do not have cashback introduced it specifically for those who would play this slot.

How to choose the best slot from the popular ones?

Summarizing the above, we can say that not every slot is a conscious choice of players, sometimes slots gain popularity only because of the bonuses that they can get in the game. Therefore, our advice to all players is to read the reviews, get acquainted with our rating and carefully look at the RTP size.


Definitely progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortuna.

RTP less than 93% is considered low, a slot with such a characteristic does not deserve attention.

In the block above, you can choose the slot you like, click on it, and start playing either in demo mode or for real money on the new page.