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Dead or Alive is one of my favorite games and my fixation is to hit the 5 scatters. So far it has happened to me three times: two on Planetwin365 and one on betclic at the lowest bet of 9 cents. Is there anyone who shares with me the passion for this slot and the obsession with hitting the combination I mentioned? I would like to know how many times you have succeeded, on which casino and with which bet :)


Hi Daniil;) The question I ask myself is: every how many spins will these 5 scatters come out on average? If we talk about big wins on Dead or Alive, the 5 wilds pay well when they line up "early" during freespins. I remember that some time ago I happened with a bet at 0.27 (if I'm not mistaken) to hit a dozen of 5 wilds for a total of 900 euros. On YouTube there are High roller wins concerning this almost scary slot ... but I think the limits on the bet are lower for us Italians on aams casinos ... either 9 euros or 18. Anyway, just fantasize now and ... off to the comments! :)


I also add another question ... what was your biggest win on this slot with the combination suggested by AngrySmile?


Dear gamers! Some time has passed since the launch of the purchased bonus game in the Dead or Alive 2 slot. Initially, I didn’t like this game, it was boring and I didn’t play it much. After the release of the purchased bonus card, a new interest appeared, I decided to twist it. I record the results, the general information is as follows: - Purchased bonus points 916 (860 for 4.5, 40 for 9, 16 for 18) - The total amount of the purchase of bonuses is 301 200 rubles - Return 128 000r - Maximum drift Х967 - RTP 43% - Payback bonuses 36 (4%) It is clear that my distance for this slot is too small, but nevertheless, for now, something like that. What are the results of anyone, maybe Feature Buy has not yet really been tested and is not worth continuing. Anyone in +?


after the introduction of the purchased one, I think the slot has become much more negative for the players, before, the slot accumulated the fund while waiting for the bonus and gave out minbet to someone. now everyone buys at once, there is nothing to accumulate except for the price for the bonus card now 1 out of 5000-10000 bonus points will be hot I think.


Yes, here, how lucky ... it’s clearly not worth chasing an excuse. For ~200 purchases, I won back 5 scatters twice. Skids, excluding x2.5k from scatters, were one at ~x2.7k. and pieces 5-7 in the range of x500-900. Before the introduction of the bonus buy, it was brought in at ~x6k. For myself, I decided this way - I went in 5-10 bought, yes, yes, no, no. I don't think it's a good idea to stretch the distance.

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