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Hey guys, I don't get what's going on with this BDMBet? I've been hanging out there for a couple of months, and everything was fine, but today I log in - and bam, the account is blocked! What the hell is going on? I immediately hit up their support, like, what's the chaos, why the hell did you close my access? And they're like - your account was suspected of violating the rules, blah blah blah. I'm like - what??? What violations, I played fair and square! Anyway, help me sort out this situation, alright? I don't want to get into it with BDMBet, don't have time for that. But I'm not gonna let them take my money. I still have about $300 left in my account, I was planning to withdraw it in a few days. And now what, it's all screwed up? No, that's not gonna fly, bro! So, I'm waiting for your help. Hopefully, you'll quickly resolve this with those guys and they'll unblock my account. Thanks in advance, guys!


Good day! Thank you for contacting CasinosInCanada service. We have carefully reviewed your complaint about the actions of the BDMBet casino and are ready to make every effort to help you understand the situation. First of all, please provide us with some additional information: • Your gaming nickname or email associated with the account at BDMBet. • The approximate date of the last deposit and the account balance at the time of blocking. • Screenshots of correspondence with the casino support, if available. You can send us this data in private messages to maintain confidentiality. Regarding your situation - the sudden account block without substantial grounds and evidence of violations is indeed unlawful. Every player has the right to know the specific reason for access restriction and the opportunity to challenge the accusations. We will try to contact the representatives of BDMBet as soon as possible to clarify on what basis your account was blocked. We will either insist on providing clear evidence of violations from your side or immediate unblocking and apologies. We await your additional data. We are in touch and will keep you informed of developments!

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Okay, dude, here's my info: My nickname on BDMBet - Johny_Bravo_1337 I made my last deposit of $150 five days ago. At the time of blocking, there was around $320 in my account. I'll send the screenshots of the support chat to your inbox now, there's not much, they're not very talkative. I don't understand - if there were any suspicions, why couldn't they just sort it out properly instead of banning right away? Like, "hello, you've violated, goodbye." But what did I violate? Where's the proof, Billy? No, seriously, that's not how things are done, guys. Anyway, I hope you'll set them straight. I know I played fair, without any tricks. Just had a bit of luck lately, so I decided to cash out some money. And then, bam, there's the block. I sense they don't want to give away the cash, so they started coming up with some bullshit. Well, whatever, we'll figure it out now! Waiting for updates then. If anything, I'm here, write, call, don't hesitate! Let's resolve this issue until BDMBet comes to its senses, heh.


Thank you for providing the information! We have received your screenshots and account data. This will be enough to start the investigation. You are absolutely right, suspicions of violations are not evidence. The casino must present compelling arguments before applying any sanctions to the player. Blocking without explanation is a gross violation of fair play standards and client rights. We will definitely convey this position to the management of BDMBet. We will prepare an official appeal describing your situation and demanding concrete evidence of violations on your part. If there is none, we will insist on the immediate unblocking of the account, apologies, and compensation for the inconvenience caused. The process may take some time, as several rounds of negotiations may be required. But we will not give up until a fair solution is reached. We will keep you informed of any changes. While waiting for a response from BDMBet, we advise refraining from attempting to access your account or communicating with the casino support directly. Trust us, we will do what is necessary. And if, by any chance, the casino doesn't respond - we have other methods of influence. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

That's the spirit, guys! Clearly, you're the real deal here, not those BDMBet blabbermouths. You've got a quality service, respect! Okay, I'll wait to see what you guys come up with regarding those clowns. The main thing is to resolve it quickly because I'm already on edge. The money is not extra, you understand. If anything, I'll hang out in other casinos for a bit, just to pass the time. But that's minor, without going overboard. The main bank is still in BDMBet, sigh... Anyway, waiting for good news! Hope you'll update me soon on what's happening. And, don't give in to them too much! Let them know how our bro deals with things! Show them who's the boss around here!


Good day! We are pleased to inform you that we have made significant progress in your case. We have had a series of constructive discussions with the management of BDMBet and can share the results. Firstly, the casino has acknowledged that the blocking of your account was a mistake. Their security system triggered a false alarm due to several consecutive large wins, which was interpreted as suspicious activity. However, after our intervention, the BDMBet security service conducted a thorough investigation and found no real violations on your part. Secondly, the casino has issued official apologies for the inconvenience and unfounded accusations. As compensation, they are ready to provide you with a bonus of +150% on your next deposit, which will be credited to your account immediately after unblocking. And most importantly - your account will be fully restored within the next 24 hours. All funds on the balance will remain untouched, and you will be able to continue playing or withdraw your winnings without any restrictions. If there are any difficulties or questions regarding your account - be sure to let us know. We are always ready to provide support and help defend your interests. Thank you for your trust and patience! Good luck in the game!

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

Yeeeah, you guys nailed it! Just awesome!

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