Spin Casino is a SCAM...won't pay out winnings

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Been playing Spin Casino for a little while now and my experience has turned into complete frustration. Back in February I won $600 so I made a withdrawal request. My request was put on hold and I was asked to verify my details (ID, address, ect) I sent in all the requested documentation, got a message saying my details have been verified and one day later received my payment...all good. Two weeks ago I won $800 so I made a withdrawal request, got a message saying it was successful. Waited 5 days for them to turn around and reverse my request back into my casino account instead of paying me. I was confused and thought maybe I made a mistake somewhere so I made another withdrawal request this time for $700. Got a message saying withdrawal request was successful. Waited another few days for them to ask me to verify my details again. So I sent in the exact same documentation that was approved and verified back in February. One day later they turn around and reverse my withdrawal back into my casino account AGAIN (with no explanation). I've sent numerous emails, contacted support, tried to talk to live chat (that's a joke within itself) and no one will tell me why they keep doing this and won't pay me my winnings. So maybe I'm a sucker for punishment but decided to try again and made another withdrawal request for $700 yesterday, this evening I received a message saying my withdrawal request was successful. So now I sit and wait to see how many days it takes them this time to NOT pay me again. DO NOT PLAY SPIN CASINO. SUCH A SCAM. Customer support is a joke. No problem taking your money, but now they have a problem paying money out with zero explanation. (I know it's not a lot of money to some but when you're being scammed out of it.... it's infuriating)


Hello friend, sorry for the late reply. This casino has a reduced RTP, so it is on our blacklist. But I'll try to help you. Do you have screenshots? Please post screenshots. And send me the whatsapp number, I'll write an article about it. Thanks!

paid 50 USD
our debt 480 USD

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