Mr Green Deliberately Refusing Verification Docs

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I have a big issue with Mr Green Casino. I won money and wanted to withdraw. Then they started to request so many documents despite the fact that I am fully verified at the parent company of William Hill Casino!!! I refused and explained the situation: deposited $2500, won 11k, before that I accidentally entered my old card from a notepad (I remember the CVC by heart from all the cards, I keep the numbers in a notepad on a flash drive for convenience), but this card turned out to be re-issued. After, I FIRST REMOVE the card from the account, and make a deposit from a normal card. When withdrawing, they asked for all the documents that a person may have, but, THE SAME CARD, from which there were no deposits and which was deleted, but somehow remained tied to the account. They are already scoffing and asking the bank to go take a statement with seals that the card was closed, I don’t know if the bank gives such statements at all. In short, they are pulling the payment by all means, and I think this is not the last stage, I see no reason to go to the bank and ask for such a document when there is an extract. I provided them with documents within a minute, no more, did not take any bonuses, did not place bets. How to deal with it?


My son has been waiting for his winnings to be paid out for months.. First the verification took forever, then documents were required such as proof of address, bank statement, bank confirmation and and and...despite the documents sent, the payout still does not work. We will contact legal protection


I think you need to contact MGA/UKGC. They will not pay you out if they do such tricks!! Bottomless casino, nothing like it used to be, only those who are guaranteed to lose and want a live chat who always says the same thing: bad luck, this is the place for you.


I ask every person never to create an account with Mr Green, because deposits are possible with them without any problems and verification, but withdrawals are not!!! They need documents that some people don't even need for a home loan and the service is beyond rude... They make a withdrawal (if you win something) almost impossible!!! I've been waiting for my money for 2 weeks... I'll pass this on and make it public!


We all understand that William Hill might have different verification process, but Mr Green is simply a joke!! Only complaints I read about them!!!


It is not only about verification in Mr Green! It's not just that the reels are pushed past winnings, but the higher the stake, the less profit. If there is any profit at all with free spins.. With 28 free spins there was a whopping profit of almost one dollar. Then you have to look at the roles. It is constantly being rotated so that there is no high payout in the first place..

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