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hello, i have another question, i registered at casino, but it's been a long time since i registered, but only now i've been verified with documents, the problem is they write me i just don't get any money, is there hope to be able to do something? thank you now for the trouble.


You write, the casino writes you that you don't get any money. Did the support give you no reason at all? You can send me a message with all the details about the case and we'll check with the casino for you. In any case, we need your username, the date of the withdrawal request and, if available, the reason why the casino refuses to pay you out.


Thanks for the help, I had to submit my ID card, account details, etc. several times because something is always not 100% correct, e.g. I hadn't signed the money card or I've moved and the addresses didn't match, after 2 weeks I had everything super correct and saved, there came the message, someone will get in touch again who said why and why, but still no info. that's it in a nutshell.


Unfortunately, this casino is known for taking a long time to verify and pay out, so you should avoid such casinos. Exactly the same as Rembrandt Casino and bbets and big5

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