I am ruining myself and N1 Interactive is sucking me dry

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Good day! Loans, debts to friends and acquaintances, loss of a bride, trust in relatives and relationships with friends. I come from a poor family, raised by a single mother who managed to temporarily beat cancer in 2015. Money has always been a big problem in our family and I worked from the age of 16 to help my mother with my maintenance and I had money for my own "Wishlist". Everything was fine until I made a bet with money in N1 Interactive that came to me very easily. Literally $2000, which I "earned" from the air. My friend told me that he wins some amounts in the bookmaker and often encouraged me to make a bet, but I constantly refused, because I didn’t want to bet my money then, and here is such a case when I can bet money to receive which did not require any effort from me and I lost them. At this stage, most people would probably let go of the situation, but I wanted to win them back, but there was no time, because the next day I flew to Prague. Upon returning from Prague, I had $100 left in my pocket and I didn’t tell my mother about them, but lost them in the bookmaker. Total: I have $12,000 minus and I forget about bets for 2 months, until one evening, returning home with $100 in my pocket, I don’t dare to bet them and as a result I win $3000, which I naturally drain. It blows my mind and I start betting 20-30% of my salary, which I successfully lose. I borrow money from friends and lose it. Time passes and I begin to lose my entire salary without returning debts to anyone. Mom finds out about this and promises to help, closes my debts to friends and colleagues by taking out a loan, and I, in turn, do not make bets for about a couple of months, and then everything returns to normal. I’m wasting money in BC, and I need to return the laptop tomorrow and I’m lying to my girlfriend and friends that my mom has a cancer relapse, and we need money, I’m collecting some amount, I don’t even remember exactly how much, but I’m losing it too. For several days I don’t get in touch with anyone, and as a result, everyone learns from each other more and more new details that add up to a complete picture of who I ended up becoming: a thief, a liar and just a scoundrel, who, for the sake of some kind of bets, is ready to put on con all he has. Naturally, the girl leaves me, relatives help financially, but not for me, but for the sake of my mother, they are fired from work, friends turn away and no longer communicate with me, and I am left alone with myself and my illness and pull my mother to the bottom along with yourself. Now, like hundreds of times before, I have decided to quit betting, but if I cannot do this, then I have no desire to continue existing, being not a person, but simply bio-garbage. From this day on, I start my diary here, and if suddenly I am not here, it means that I no longer exist.


Hello. Very sad story, very sad and sorry that it all happened. I’m not really a player yet, so sometimes I’m in the mood for $200-300, if the minus is immediately blocked by the account, now there is one more casino half the mood, but I will block it too. There are a lot of stories here and all with a sad ending. Do not despair, pull yourself together and everything will work out. It is a pity that the law does not prohibit online casinos, but we will fight.


Yes, there are thousands of such stories, and they all begin with something similar, although the end of everyone, although sad, is different. Someone falls to the social bottom, like me, someone continues to retain the remnants of humanity and even manages to hide their dependence on the immediate environment, like some of my acquaintances. I just burned out quickly and apparently, I am more prone to such addictions than others, because my cousin and I are now in huge debts due to betting shops and my uncle hanged himself because of debts in the casino.


My friend, in fact, if you take hold of your head, you will spread your debts in a few years. I know many people who quit and became successful people. Casinos are designed to take money from people. Like it or not, any start starts from scratch. Start living again, look for ways to earn money, accept it as it is. A month ago, I thought that I was in a complete ass, but things began to improve. The first I stopped playing, the second I found additional income.

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